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India Is Making World’s First Male Contraceptive Injection. Here Are 5 Reasons Indian Men Won’t Care

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India’s population is increasing so rapidly that it’s believed that it will surpass China to become the most populated nation in the world. Till date, there has been only one male sterilisation method – surgical vasectomy. And that too hasn’t been opted for – at least not enough. The state of our patriarchal society is such that around 36% of women opt for sterilisation and just 0.3% men. The difference is overwhelming here. And then there are condoms but a lot of men don’t enjoy the feeling of it, so they wing it because if anything were to happen, it wouldn’t be their problem, right? Clearly, men in our country don’t think pregnancy prevention is their responsibility. Now the thing is The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) will possibly give us world’s first injectable male contraceptive, which will be effective for 13 long years and is reversible. And while I feel it will do really well in the rest of the world (if it’s distributed), in India, it might not really work. Here’s why!

  • Most Indian men rely on the pull-out method

A lot of Indian men trust their pull-out skills to a great extent, and assume that can be enough for preventing pregnancy. Now, if these guys can’t do something as simple as putting a condom on, I highly doubt they will actually go ahead and take the contraceptive injection. Sad reality!


  • There is not enough awareness in India

The section that is actually in dire need of family planning is still blind to the concept of contraception. Because there’s so much stigma around sexuality in our country, sex education is not something a lot of groups invest in. We all know what that leads to – unwanted pregnancy and a host of STDs.


  • A lot of men focus on pleasure and not the consequences

They say they were so overwhelmed with passion that they forgot to wear a condom. They say they wanted it so bad that even though they didn’t have a condom they did it anyway. Clearly, your sexual pleasure blinds your ability to understand the consequences. And such jerks will not give a fuck about pregnancy because it’s not their responsibility apparently.


  • A lot of men expect contraceptives to be women’s responsibility

India is extremely patriarchal and somehow these misogynistic men believe that all the fun is reserved for them and all responsibility is for women. So they will rely on the pull-out method, and then ask you to pop a pill to avoid pregnancy. And if you want to be more safe, then you better get some methods of female contraception, because they couldn’t care less.

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side-effects-male contraceptive injection india

  • It has side-effects and men won’t deal with it

The injection is bound to have some side-effects and hormonal changes. Men will get mood swings and acne. Which is why, misogynistic men will be happy to skip it and pass on the responsibility of contraception to women. Shame.

Not all men are this way, but a big chunk of our society is filled with such men. It’s just what it is – the sad truth!

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