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How Do You Know That Someone Wants You Only For Sex? Reddit Tells You The Not-So-Obvious Signs

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The earliest experiences of our dating life often form the foundation of our beliefs about love. For the longest time, I was oblivious to the concept of casual sex. I mean I knew it is common but I just didn’t know it would be hard to tell when someone’s been looking for just that. But then there’s always that one guy you start talking to, who is all chatty and flirty with you. After what seems like a long time of having witty conversations, going out with him for drinks, and opening up to him, you begin to really like him. And then he tells you that he wants nothing more. It gets difficult because all this while you had your guard down and you thought this was actually something more.

When did it become so difficult? Of course, some of us do crave romance even in casual sex. So they connect with you but always keep one foot out of the door, letting you dangle by a thread. It’s so much better if you just have that conversation early on. Ask instead of wondering but until you do someone asked the people of Reddit. Here’s what netizens said are signs that someone wants you just for sex.

1) They don’t care about knowing you or letting you in

It’s not like they will ask absolutely nothing about you except the colour of your bra. They will ask you the basic superficial things and then go to simply flirt. “They take no interest in truly getting to know you,” a user wrote. Another one added, “The conversation is only ever about your face, body & the boners that they want to show you.”

2) You meet occasionally and every date ends up in sex

A user wrote they want you for sex if “you’re only together in bed.” Another user pointed out, “You only hear from them late at night.” Yes, somehow the booty calls are made just at night unless you’re hooking up with an unemployed person or a night-shifter. “If you only hear from them time to time and every time you do you end up having sex,” another person added. After a while, you forget what it means kissing each other goodnight and leaving it at that.

3) They talk only in the present tense

“They don’t actively pursue a relationship with you. They don’t discuss the future,” someone pointed out. If someone wants you for more than sex, they are hoping this will lead to something more. And with that you end up going ahead of yourself by dreaming of the future, at least the near future. Like you are already discussing your New Year plans or wanting to go to a fest in the coming months.

4) You could be having sex with a secret agent for all you know

“They don’t introduce you to their friends or family,” a user wrote. Because who cares to introduce one of the many people they would be sleeping with? Maybe not in the same phase, maybe consecutively, who knows? You know nothing about his inner circle. Are you sure he is not a secret agent? Oh, right, his beer-chugging habits don’t make him look like one.

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5) You have doubts

Someone rightfully pointed out that if you even have to ask this question it means they want you just for sex. But then again, someone I was falling for complained I didn’t want them outside the bedroom. Sometimes people get it wrong. But mostly, if you are not sure they want more, it’s because they don’t. “To be honest, if you’re asking the question, it’s probably because he/she only wants you for sex. That being said, if you’re happy in this situation, it can be a fun ride (pun intended hehe),” a user wrote.

Another user said, “Look down when they’re naked. If there is a dangly, wiggly looking thing with an attached set of chestnuts, then they only want you for is sex. If there is something that looks like a coin bank then there’s a chance it’s not just about the sex.” It’s hilarious but it’s not always true. However, I would still be careful with owners of “dangly, wiggly” things; they tend to think from their “chestnuts” often.

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