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8 Things You Should Never Say During Sex. Unless You Want Him To Lose His Erection.

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Usually, I am not someone who says things that land me in trouble. Maybe because I don’t talk a lot and people I am close to take no offence whatsoever to anything I say. Except a few cranky babies who are cranky but still mine. So thankfully, I am safe from wrecking things with words during sex. I don’t do that. Rather would not. But then again, I have friends who perennially have their foot in their mouth and that believe they have lost one too many suitors because of this personality trait. So save your sex life and refrain from saying things that can make him lose his erection and you, your chance at orgasming!

1) How’s your mom?

Really, keep the family talk to the time when you’re fully clothed. Don’t go on asking about his mother, laundry or any other home-y thing while you’re having sex. Why are you even thinking about this?

2) That’s cute

Never say “cute”, “sweet” and “adorable” around a penis. Just don’t.

3) My ex used to…

This will only make him picture you with your ex and then probably be turned off for eternity. Keep your baggage out.

4) Where is this going?

Don’t ask this right before, during or right after sex. The relationship talk is a natural libido killer. Keep it for a coffee date.

5) You’re not hard enough

You’ve been trying hard to get it in, but between the two of you, that’s the only hard thing. He was fully erect and now he is just kinda wee bit up. Ask him what he wants you to do to him instead of saying this and nobody’s feelings will be hurt.

6) How many people have you slept with?

Honestly, it’s quite a dick move to ask a person the number of people they have slept with even when not having sex. So don’t get there…at all.

7) Crying or yawning

I understand your hormones are acting up, but really not the time to cry. Men are petrified of women who cry after sex and it’s not sexist; I’d be weirded out too if my man sobbed post-coitus.

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8) Someone else’s name

Or try it and see how it goes. But please don’t blame me for your breakup. Thanks!

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