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5 Reasons He Deserves Another Chance Even If The Sex Sucked The First Time

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We are a generation that are so used to instant gratification, that we are too quick to dismiss anything that doesn’t offer that, including a potential suitor. Maybe we’ve already had one too many guys who left us wet and turned on. Maybe we’ve already dealt with guys who came without making us come. So our patience is low but should a nice guy who deserves another chance bear the brunt of the actions of selfish man? I don’t think so. If the first time wasn’t so good, don’t give up just yet. At least not if he has the potential. How do you know? Here are 5 signs he is worth giving some love.

  • He may have not given you an orgasm, but he tried

It’s okay if he couldn’t make you come the first time. It’s not like you handed over a map of your G-spot and C-spot to him. So it will take him time to navigate and find the way that leads to your orgasms. Good thing is he tried. He cares about your orgasms, and he will try till he succeeds.


  • He respects your choice and made sure you’re comfortable

We don’t want a guy who insists on doing things he wants, without checking in with you. If he makes sure you’re comfy, this guy respects you and understands the value of consent. He understands no means no and this is the only kind of guy one must have sex with.

  • He is responsible and practises safe sex

If a guy expects us to trust his ability to pull out in time, he is expecting too much. There’s too much at stake and he is no Dr. Bravestone to be able to pull off marvellous feats. He should be carrying a condom and not just expect you to pop a pill. If your guy does that, he is a nice guy essentially and deserves another chance to make you come.

  • His kisses make you feel butterflies

When he kisses your lips, it makes your leg pop. Okay, that happens just in the movies. But nonetheless, he gives you butterflies. The chemistry is there, you can tell. In fact, the way he can make your heart pound even with a forehead kiss is telling. Don’t throw this away because of one bad night.

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  • He makes you feel beautiful and doesn’t care about imperfections

And it’s time you throw your inhibitions away too. He doesn’t care about your cellulite or scars. He loves every inch of your body, just the way it is. If this doesn’t make you feel beautiful, I don’t know what will. Hold on to him because you deserve a guy who makes you feel confident.

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