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Your Virginity Is Your Call. Take Charge Of Your Own Sex Life, Ladies!

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Our society has been propagating virginity like it’s a matter of global concern. What you do, in your bedroom, with the person you call bae, is something the world wants a stake in. Which of course, millennials don’t understand, it’s a concept that confuses us. Thankfully. We don’t know what we’re upto, whether our social media game is strong, or if our dating patterns are workable or not and to then have to be interested in someone else’s business is just too much work. Some of us may not even know how to make eggs, or a monthly budget! But there’s one thing we millennials know, and we’re proud of it. That is that we are ready and willing to take the reins of our sex life into our hands.

What does this mean? It means that it’s high time we do what we want, without the influence of society. Want to have sex? Have it. Want to remain a virgin still? Nobody can tell you otherwise. Here’s why we feel virginity is overrated! It takes 2 minutes to lose it!

The concept of purity is rigged

We mean, did any of the Gods come down to earth and tell you that hey women, your people need to hold it in, till marriage? The whole concept of purity is rigged. Sex doesn’t define whether you’re pure or not. It’s just a concept invented by misogynistic men, to suppress women sexually. And what would that give them? Power. Because while for these men, everything else might be about sex. But not sex itself. Sex is about power. Which is why, if the remote control of your sex life (or the absence of) is not in your own hands, are you even empowered?

Your first doesn’t have to be *that* special

Why is the first time you have sex so overrated? Do you celebrate the first time you got waxing done? Okay, that’s not the same. But point is there’s nothing special about “firsts”. And honestly, it’s not even a thing anymore. It’s okay if you have sex for the first time with someone you love at that point but do not really end up living happily ever after with. It doesn’t even have to be flawless, in fact, it most likely it won’t be! You hit puberty and you have sexual desires. That’s how you’re engineered.


Sex is healthy

So sex is not just for pleasure. It helps you stay healthy and how. Since we are all adults, it’s very natural to have sexual desires, and you should give your body what it needs. Having sex regularly helps improve your mood, reduce stress, improve your memory and even increase your life expectancy. That’s the sexiest way to be healthy!

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Why abstain if you want it?

The thing about sex is that you should be the only person to decide whether you’re ready for it or not. You don’t have to start having sex, because you feel pressurised to, and vice versa. It’s as simple as that!


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