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Your Ultimate Guide To Turning Him On With A French Kiss

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Whether it’s an old romance or new, kissing is an indispensable part of intimacy. And you know you have just turned it up a notch when you’ve gone from just a lip lock to getting some tongue action. A French kiss, as we lay people call it, involves tongue, but you don’t want it to feel like a slippery eel in his mouth. We focus so much on the technique that we forget to actually enjoy the kiss. Ironically enough, the kiss turns out to be a war of tongues, because none of us know what we’re actually doing in there. Fret not, ladies, we have curated a fail-proof guide to becoming a pro at French kissing!

Take it slow

No matter how close you are to them, it’s still not okay to thrust your tongue down their throat. Begin by slightly parting your lips while kissing them. Put just a small portion of your tongue into their mouth, and try to read their response.

Circle his tongue with yours

Once your tongue has arrived, it has 30 seconds to prove its mettle. The entire kiss depends on this initial phase, since it can either turn them off or arouse them!  Slowly move your tongue in circular motion around his. Make sure to go at a leisurely pace, unless you’re a washing machine.

Press your tongue against his

Now when we say this, we mean just for 2 seconds. Timing here is of utmost importance. Try not to creep him out by gluing your tongue to his. Aggression is a strict no-no when it comes to French kissing , or kissing of any kind. Treat it like a graceful dance, and let your steps be in sync with his.

Suck his tongue

When you’re sucking his tongue you have access to one of the most sensitive and intimate parts of him. Gently suck on the tip of his tongue. However, make sure to keep your teeth out of the way. Love bites are good, but not on the tongue!

Bite his lips

End your kiss slowly as you return back to kissing sans the tongue. Keep the pace of passion steady and bite his lower lip (without causing damage). Gently pull away and look into his eyes before giving a parting peck! And that’s a great end to a scintillating French kiss!


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