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Your Guide To Being His Best Kiss Ever

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The thing is, when it comes to kisses, we all dream of the magical kind. Average, passionless kisses just don’t make the cut. We all deserve kisses that take us to the moon, makes us want to replay it in our head, over and over again. Kiss him like it’s your first and last. Give him one that he just won’t be able to get out of his head. In fact, they say when you kiss someone for the first time, you know whether you want to go forward with them or not. So make sure your kisses are unforgettable, not just for him but because you deserve to feel magic. Here are 5 tips to make your kiss heavenly!

1) Kisses should be spontaneous

There’s something about kisses that happen in the spur of the moment. One moment you were discussing global warming (keep that topic to the 15th date or whatever) and the next moment you’re playing tongue tennis! This feels raw and passionate – exactly how kisses should be! Unplanned and the kind that give you butterflies in your tummy.

2) Keep your eyes closed

Okay, so how do you know if the other person has their eyes closed or not? I think it’s safe to admit that you open your eyes for a nanosecond, just to see if your partner’s eyes are closed too. And that’s because it’s a sign that the kiss is going really well! Also, while some people may be into it, but I find it very odd to kiss with eyes open!

3) Use your hands

You don’t just kiss with your lips; your hands play a major role in it! While you can have a plain vanilla kiss, that’s not the kind that makes for an unforgettable one. Let your hands wander – touch his thighs, run your fingers through his hair or caress his face! In fact, if he is as kinky as you, take things up a notch by feeling him down there or gently nibbling on his ears (don’t mix the two!). This will take his breath away!

4) Open your eyes and go mmm

You may be an expert at kissing, but what really leaves its mark is the way you close a lip-lock sesh. Slowly let go of each other’s lips, take a deep breath with your eyes still closed and go mmm. It will make him know that this kiss meant much more than just some tongue time.

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5) Hug tight!

Don’t let the waves of passion wither away with the end of kissing. Hug him tight, and enjoy the intimacy you just built! Hugs just make everything better!


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