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Your Definitive Guide To Giving Him The Best Oral Sex. Ever.

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Whether you’ve been seeing each other for ever or have just kicked off a romance, sprucing up sexy time never hurt anyone. You’re chilling at his place and it begins with a kiss on your cheek. There’s a sudden rush of passion and you start making out. Things start to get even hotter, the kissing is getting more intense, his hands and your hands are everywhere and you know this is leading somewhere real sexy. And whether you’ve gone down on someone before or it’s your first time with him, it can get pretty awkward if you don’t know your way around.

Guys love mouth action down there (there are literally no exceptions!) and a great BJ can up the hotness quotient of your sex sesh. There’s no crash course on how to give the best blowjob ever, and most of us clumsily touch him hoping it works. If you don’t want to fumble around and deliver the kind of pleasure that sure to drive him nuts (whattey pun!), here’s what to do.


Just like intercourse, oral sex requires foreplay. You can’t simply unzip him and begin with the act. Push him on to the bed or couch (feel free to get a little dominant!) and climb on him. Slowly brush his inner thighs. Bend down and gently graze his penis with your lips, teasing him. Don’t give it easy darling! Let him crave it.

The position

You can have him lying on the bed and you can sit between his legs. This one usually is apt when you’re already on bed and in the middle of a steamin’ hot sesh. Or let him sit/stand with you kneeling down in front of him. It will make him feel like he’s in power (ha ha), while the remote control is in your hand.

Use your hands

With all that teasing, by now he should be out of patience and completely aroused. While blowing him, hold his penis from the bottom with one hand and use the other to play (very gently) with his balls. Give him the best of both worlds, as you switch to a handjob while you break to catch your breath.

Focus on the head

The head of a penis contains the maximum nerve-endings. Which means that by simply giving it some extra love, you can make him feel euphoric. Suck on the head for a few seconds, then circle it with your tongue, and repeat!

Change the angle

While men love deep-throat, taking the penis straight in the mouth can make many women gag! If you have sensitive gag reflexes, here’s a trick! You can change the angle slightly and let the penis incline towards one of your cheeks. It will give him the same feels as a deep-throat, except that the head of his penis will be touching your inner cheek and not the back of your tongue!

Make eye contact

When you’re giving him a blowjob, heat it up a notch by boldly looking into his eyes. This will further add to the excitement and give him an experience to remember.


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