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You May Be In Love But Sending Nudes Is Still A Bad Idea. Here’s Why.

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They say love is blind. You love and trust them a 100%.  You share your deepest secrets, your darkest confessions with them. And then comes the passion, the naughty texting, which feels just so right with them. Then, the inevitable happens. They ask for nudes. Your heart stops. You don’t know the protocol. Actually, you don’t know how this will pan out. Chances are, you are tempted. And while social media now allows for you to take a picture and leave it there only for a bit, this is risky. We tell you why sharing nudes might be a bad idea.

You Might Break Up

Even marriages fail. And you aren’t even married yet. If you breakup with him, would you want a bunch of your nudes to be with your ex? We’re guessing not. If things end on a bitter note, he could use them against you, a situation that you can pre-empt and avoid.

Hiding your face doesn’t help

If you think cropping your face out of the picture makes you anonymous, then you’re wrong. Your identity goes beyond just your face. We bet you can recognise your best friend even with her back facing the camera, can’t you? It could work against you in exactly the same way.

What if you accidentally send it to the wrong person?

Look, it can happen to the best of us.  What if you happen to send the picture of your boobs to that creep you’ve been trying to avoid? Now, you may say that you will be ultra-careful, but hey, accidents can happen. OMG, can’t even begin to imagine the horror!

You Could Become Internet Fodder

Where do you think all those pictures on the Internet come from? Do these girls put it out themselves? Yes, some of them do, but we are betting plenty come from unsuspecting women! There’s a whole market out there for nudes and your pictures can be easily misused. It’s not rocket science.

He can turn out to be a jerk and show it to his friends

What if he is a f**kboi pretending to be a saint? We’re aren’t saying he is one but when so much is at stake, can you risk it? He could be a cheapskate showing your nudes to his friends. If the idea puts you off, tread carefully. It sounds gross, but it’s a possibility.

A guy asking for nudes isn’t even worth it

Okay, let’s just make it clear, guys who ask for nudes aren’t worth it. If he respects you, he won’t risk your future and dignity for a spike in excitement. Because, let’s assume he will not share your pictures but we’ve all heard of people’s laptop getting hacked and even phones being stolen. And you know how that could pan out.

You Play It Safe

Call yourself a prude. It’s okay. Your career and personal life are at risk if your pictures get leaked, and worst, go viral! No, prevention is better than cure. Respect yourself and don’t fall prey to a f**kboi’s whims and fancies.


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