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You Deserve More Sex! 5 Reasons Your Sex Life Isn’t As Exciting As It Should Be

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I remember watching Friends and Ross making a big deal of not having had sex in six months and I was just like, so? Meanwhile, here I am, with the only thing really growing in my life being my virginity. Growing back that is. The thing is that all these series and movies about people having exciting sex lives make me wonder what is wrong with that of people in India. Single millennials are having less sex and it’s not like we are a thanda generation.

Not going to speak for everyone but I know I am wild in bed with a man I would really like and adore. I am kinky and I know good sex. And yet, I am not having it. There’s sex and then there’s me, having trekked miles away like the guy who walked hundreds of kms to cool down after a fight.

I mean, sex is great and if you don’t have guilt and shame related, society-induced hang-ups, then you should be getting it often. It’s good for your health, makes you happier, and gives you good skin. Damn, sex can be a solution to so many problems.

However, if you are not having sex as often as you should be – like a wild, attractive, confident woman – maybe it’s time to ask yourself why. In India, it’s almost like if your single you are expected to keep your sex life on the down-low. But hey, we don’t believe in that shit.

We’ve grown up watching content from around the world and people enjoying going out on dates, bringing home dates, and having sex regularly. Although, we can’t really trust people enough because we are accustomed to looking at all dudes as potential rapists until proven otherwise. I wouldn’t dare to go home with a guy I barely know. Apart from that, if your sex life isn’t happening, here are possible reasons and oh boy, it’s not your fault.

You’re a feminist and your dating pool isn’t

Just yesterday, I met a friend who is smart, gorgeous, funny, and talented. But most importantly, she is a woke, empowered woman, and how many men here can handle that? We sat and complained about how the dating pool is filled with men who want women to bow down to them. And when you don’t they see it as a challenge. So they may chase you but eventually, they’d want to tame you. Oh, there are good guys too. I just feel I need special lenses to spot them!

Indian men and their questionable flirting skills kill your libido

Omg, they need to understand that calling women and asking them to join them for a weekend getaway is not cool. I mean, sure if your company is the prize here, it’s great. But if you are luring her into joining you because it’s all paid for and luxurious, then oh boy! Again, DMing a woman and pestering her to go out with you for coffee even though she clearly doesn’t want to is not flirting. Neither is creepily asking a woman for her number in a club. Why can’t these men sign up for some flirting-for-dummies workshops? Acche din kab aayenge?

You live with your parents and they have protected your home against all evils (read sex)

Indian parents have two biggest goals in life – get their kids married and make them abstain from sex until then. They will make sure either they don’t leave you alone and go for a vacation. Or that all the neighbour aunties and watchmen can inform them the moment a guy even meets you at the gate. Most of us have dead sex lives because our parents are like the human versions of a chastity belt.

When you filter out fuckbois, you have like one and a half matches left on your dating account

I don’t want to have sex with a fuckboi. So as I sit and eliminate that category of men, I am left with one or two options that may or may not be more exciting than watching paint dry in slo-mo. Why is it so difficult for some men to be courteous in casual sex?

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You’ve learned to live a life of masturbation

After looking at the dating pool and libido-killers around you, it’s almost like you have accepted a life of masturbation, at least for now. It means nobody will be planting kisses on your body. But at least you will be getting sure-shot orgasms. You have to pick your battles.

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