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Women Are Sexually Attracted To Physically Aggressive Men, Finds Study. We Need To Evolve Past That

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As a woman who is in a one-sided relationship with Jason Momoa, I feel I have found a balance between my raw instincts and my reasoning skills. I’d say I love men who appear physically rugged and strong but are real softies at heart. You know how Momoa is so loving towards wife Lisa Bonet? And that video on his Instagram feed in which he is in a bubble bath, playing with the foam? So, so cute! Is it true that women really feel attracted to physically aggressive men? Like I wouldn’t go for a Kabir Singh because there’s more assholery in him than love. But Hulk being my favourite Avenger says quite a lot.

Do you tend to go for men who look rough and tough? Like the ones that look the part with their nice beard, strong hands with a scar that has a story to tell, and them fixing their own vehicle. Oo yumm! Turns out, it’s not just you who had an attraction to Mutt Schitt that felt almost like a reflexive biological function. According to a study, men who are more physically aggressive have more sexual partners.

“The study sought to address whether physically aggressive behavior still has sex appeal, as it likely once did for our ancestors, or whether given societal changes which reward intelligence over brute strength, that people’s intellectual ability might be a better predictor of mating success than aggressive behavior,” said study author Patrick Seffrin, an associate professor at Marywood University, as reported by

Have we not evolved enough to be attracted to a man’s manners and intelligence instead of their physical aggression? We are not in the pre-historic era when men needed to be tough because they had to go hunting for food and build DIY tools. Today, it makes more sense to seek intelligence in a man. But more importantly, a physically aggressive man may be the one to domestically abuse his partner. Although I feel sometimes that you really can’t tell what storm the calm one is hiding within.

The study added, “Intelligence and violence are negatively correlated in the population so we thought it would be interesting to know how these two individual factors interact in relation to mating success. We also wanted to know whether men and women differed in how aggressive behavior and intelligence interact to affect mating success. Prior research suggests that while intelligence is attractive to both sexes, aggressive behavior in men would be favored by women but not by men who are seeking female partners.”

So men like intelligent women but not those who can kick someone in the ass if provoked. I am not saying physical aggression is a good trait and ideally, it would be a lovely world if nobody wanted to win by using bodily strength. But when can we finally leave these stereotypical gender expectations behind? I understand our ancestors lived in a world where they had different roles for men and women. But I want to rip that out of my genes. Maybe, with enough mindfulness and consciousness, we can do that.

The study’s scientists analysed data from 5,636 men and 6,787 women who had participated in “the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health, a nationally-representative survey that collected information from 1994 to 2009.” The participants completed a survey pertaining to verbal intelligence, violent behaviour, and their sex life. “Results for men indicated that for a unit increase in violence between waves, there was an 8% increase in the number of sex partners reported from previous waves,” the researchers wrote.

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It’s not like women don’t prefer intelligent men but they gotta be physically aggressive too. What are we doing, ladies? “The findings suggest that women still find physically aggressive behavior sexually appealing and that the sex appeal of intelligence seems to depend on the physical aggressiveness of men,” Seffrin told PsyPost. Seffrin further adds, “So, despite the status rewards that come along with having high intelligence in a modern industrial society, aggressive men continue to be rewarded with greater mating success when compared to their less aggressive male peers who have comparable levels of intelligence and physical beauty.”

However, the study doesn’t take into account same-sex relationships and people in the LGBTQ+ community. Also, it is not known what makes women attracted to intelligence or physically aggressive behaviour in men. I’d say if you find your hormones raging, at least go for someone like Jason Momoa.

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