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Wild? Boring? Crazy? Find Out What You’re Like In Bed, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Honestly, no matter what sign you are – sun, moon or otherwise – sex is a lot of fun.  While some of us are charismatic and bold, some of us like to be submissive. Are you a sexy nymph or a magnificent goddess? Find out what your zodiac sign says about your sex personality!


You’re passionate about things in life, and sex is no exception. Delays and unnecessary mind games aren’t your cup of tea. You like your orgasms to be wild! Being a go-getter, you are dominant in bed to not just get an orgasm, but get it quick.


You are known for your methodical nature, but when you apply it to sex, it can get a bit blah for your partner. First, you like things to be set – dim lights, dotted condoms and fancy satin sheets. And once your quality check is done, you are willing to dive right into it! You make up for all that OCD by being super flexible and open to trying new things. Why do missionary when you can do doggy style, right?


From playing footsie to dirty talk, if he can’t be playful with you, the chances of him getting any are rather slim. You love things to be light and fun, including sex. Which means, you enjoy foreplay even more than intercourse itself. It’s only after a few sex games and a riot of laughter that your sex sesh actually commences!


Everything with you is about love, feelings and emotions. Which makes it very difficult for you to have casual sex, even when you really, really want to. However, your time to really shine arrives when you are doing it with someone you feel warm and comfortable with. From being all shy, you turn into this enigmatic seductress, willing to try out every position in Kamasutra. Because of your intuitive nature, you are so in sync with him, pleasing him is a piece of cake for you!


While you strut around in the real world wearing an invisible crown, you love to be treated like a queen in the bedroom too. Along with your perfect breasts, you guy will have to massage your ego too. Once you have been adored enough, you will push him on bed, and show him what a true dominatrix can do. The cowgirl position is your favourite, because you love being in charge. Also, your love bites really hurt, so go easy on him.


It is a common misconception that people born under this sign aren’t wild enough. In fact, the perfectionist that you are, you strive to make every sex session an experience to remember. You’re not wired to be just average at anything. You are probably his best kiss but hate giving him a blowjob, because eww, gross!


Your sex philosophy is simple. If they are willing to give it their 100%, so will you. Because, there are no free lunches in this world! You may not know it yet, but Librans are major suckers for role play and fantasies. You love being submissive in bed. If he can dress up like Aquaman and make you all wet, you will experience the most explosive orgasms ever.


Your ‘all or nothing’ philosophy spills onto your sex life too. Intensely passionate, you’re wild and crazy in bed and expect your sex session to look like a dramatic scene from a movie. You need someone who can go along with your crazy fetishes as nothing, absolutely nothing is off-limits for you when it comes to sex.


You have a high sex drive and you know exactly what and how you want it. When you’re having sex, you let your partner know exactly what you expect of them. And we don’t see why they wouldn’t because in return, you give them the best sex of their lives!


You are a classy girl with a stamina that can keep you going. What does that mean for you? You need to be taken to a nice dinner date before you can go home with him. After having a glass of wine, you can then have sex all night long on his clean, king-size bed.


The water-bearer air sign is known for its inventive nature. You love trying out new things, and you don’t stop until you find the most perfect position! With your libido running high, you believe in sex that lasts all day, and all night. Things may get a bit messy but who doesn’t love dirty sex?


You are romantic and sensuous, and will give your partner a lot of pampering. Sex is full of grace and harmony with you. Your touches are healing and arousing at the same time. With a vivid imagination, you don’t hesitate to try role-play and off-beat moves to spice things up.


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