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The Top 5 Reasons Why Relationships Fall Apart

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Sometimes, the best of relationships fall apart. I’m talking about the couples we regard as our idols, those we think would never split apart. And then, almost as if out of nowhere, we hear the news that they are no longer together. No, these are not couples where one person cheats, but those that leave us scratching our heads about why they split up!

Well, here are the most common reasons why relationships fall apart.

1. Jealousy

It’s okay to feel jealous in a relationship, but most of us let this jealousy become destructive. If you feel the green bug coming up, instead of acting on it, take a breather, and talk to your partner. If your relationship is strong enough, surely, you can work it out.

2. Complacency

One of the most common mistakes people make when they get into a relationship is that they become complacent about themselves, and each other. They stop looking after themselves the way they used to, and they stop going out of their way to make their partner feel special. You know that joke about women who stop shaving, and men who gain weight as a result of having found their person? It may make you laugh, but it’s not so good for relationships.

3. Lack of passion

Of course, passion ebbs with time. You’re not going to feel as lustful toward your partner a year or two into the relationship as you did when you started out. But, you’ve got to keep the fire alive somehow… go for trips together, plan little surprises, and don’t stop going on dates. Yep, many people let passion slide.

4. Nagging

Nagging is almost always a symptom of something deeper, and it almost always corrodes a relationship, no matter how well you may have started out. Also, it is never worth it!

5. Family discord

It takes a village to raise a relationship. If our loved ones support a relationship, it can make the love stronger. But, disapproval from loved ones can wear things off.


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