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Why It’s Important To Talk About Sex, Fantasies And More With Your Partner

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Almost every article you read on relationships will tell you honesty is key. About how communicating your feelings is important and all of that. Often, the sexual aspect of relationships gets ignored. We lie about our sexual needs, we conveniently decrease the number of sexual partners we have had! And…and the many times we’ve faked an orgasm, even though we know it does us no good? Too many to count. Superdrug published a study titled, Honesty In The Bedroom – Examining Truths and Lies Between The Sheets. And the findings, serve as an eye-opener! The study supports the idea of communicating openly about sex. And if you haven’t been talking about sex with bae, it’s time you do!

The Game of Lies

According to the study, around 41 percent of women and 46 percent of men keep their sexual fantasies secret.  35 percent of women and nearly 34 percent of men also found it difficult to communicate their sexual needs. Whether it is due to the taboos associated with sex, or because of the fear of lack of reciprocation, it’s obvious that there’s definitely dishonesty between the sheets.

Also, more than half of the women surveyed agreed to having faked an orgasm several times, while only 17 percent of men did the same. While most of them stated that they lied to protect their partner’s feelings, we know that’s not the smartest thing to do, at least in the long term! Ironically, almost most of the participants preferred their partner to *not* lie to them about their sexual satisfaction. We guess there’s room for some introspection then!

A lie both men and women actually prefer hearing

Interestingly, both men and women *preferred* to hear lies about the appearance of their body. Because, hey, if you’re gonna lie to us, at least make up lies that fan our egos! This is in a way, remarkably encouraging and confidence-boosting! Which in turn, could mean more sexy time. So hell yeah!

Communication is key to sexual satisfaction

We advocate communication in every sphere of our lives – our relationships, career and public matters. Sexual satisfaction is as important as emotional. Which is why it is important to be able to openly, unabashedly discuss it with your partner. In fact, more than a third of both genders also found talking about their physical insecurities important to achieving a satisfied sex life. Honesty doesn’t always come easy, but it will definitely help you improve your time between the sheets, if this study is anything to go by.


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