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What Qualifies As Bad Sex? Netizens Share Their Turn Offs

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Sex is never supposed to be bad. It’s not a pill you have to swallow to get better. It’s a leisurely activity that generates love, warmth and togetherness. Sometimes when our choices are questionable, it generates regret but at least in that moment it felt good. But bad sex just ruins it for us. A sexual experience turned sour is enough to turn us off for a while and a couple of them would probably kill my libido for good.

But since nobody is talking sex and people are good at gaslighting you, how do you figure what is just not acceptable? It could be the reason behind your decreasing self-confidence, the broken spring in your step and the lack of sexual desire.

So when someone asked on Reddit what qualifies bad sex, people just had to share and feel better.

Several people said they hate it when one person is like an animal in bed. Oh no, I am talking about being a starfish! “When one person isn’t really active. Just lying there, minimal movement,” a user wrote. “Came here for this. I only had one ‘dead fish’ in my life and it was by far the worst,” another user vouched for it.

Many peeps also pointed out how lying there unfinished is super annoying. “When you don’t get off and your partner didn’t even try to get you off. So you go to Taco Bell afterwards is your treat to yourself. My early 20’s were filled with late night stops to Taco Bell,” a user wrote. “Bf did this to me then got kind of irritated I was upset about it LOL. Dude literally lasted like 2 minutes, didn’t tell me he was climaxing, then didn’t even try to help me finish. Just immediately went to sleep,” a woman added. Oh well, selfish assholes have made several women just not want sex and turn to masturbation instead. It isn’t charity after all and this is quite a turn off!

A user went on to detail what’s bad sex for both men and women. What makes bad sex for women? “No attention to foreplay (you can get away with this sometimes on quickies and the like, but most women generally prefer some foreplay.) No attention to whether she wants it faster or slower, harder or gentler etc. Neglecting the clit. No attempt to make it last a decent time, racing to the finish,” they wrote. Really, why do some men rush through foreplay like it is that appetizer they ordered but didn’t like? Without foreplay, the sex is shit.

For men, they user said mishandling the penis and being less enthusiastic can make for bad sex. “Too rough or too timid with use of mouth and hands on cock. “Token blowjob” you think you’re going to reach some level of satisfaction but she moves on before you get close. “Dead fish syndrome.” (Not always the worst, but most guys don’t like this to be the norm.),” they wrote.

A user pointed out how when someone criticises you enough and in a way to make you extremely conscious has negative impacts on desire. “When one party involved says things about your body/performance that screws up your head and makes it impossible to think about being intimate with anyone for years after,” they wrote.

Another user recounted her own experience, “Yup one of my first times having sex, I ended up squirting and the guy freaked out and said I was disgusting and then yelled at me for ruining his sheets. Didn’t have sex for a while after that and I was self conscious for a long time.”

A woman pointed out how annoying it is when you get dry in the middle of it and he is still not stopping or trying to make you wet again. “Drying up and he’s still going for it,” she wrote. She also added it’s annoying when you communicate about your needs but they don’t listen and also when they take a long time to come! “When they don’t listen.When you finish but then the other takes FOREVER,” she wrote. Some men try to last longer because they feel longer the better except your thighs are dying and you’ve only thought about pizza 15 times.

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A user spoke about mismatched rhythms while thrusting and omg this is so true! “Not matching each others rhythm. Sure, there are different strokes for different folks, but if your strokes and their strokes don’t match (or neither is willing to make it match), you’re gonna have an awkward time,” they wrote. Another guy added, “Dude I was with my last GF for almost two years (with some of the best sexual compatibility i think i’ll ever get fyi) and we still had trouble syncing up that timing sht’s a strange skill to master.” It’s really weird when you both are trying to do it but can’t sync so it’s just so distracting and annoying!

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