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What Kind Of Best Friend You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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What is life without our friends, right? From cheering us up in our worst times to covering up for us in times of need, our best friend is one of the pillars of our life. They are your kind of crazy, and you can be yourself with them. You talk to each other, while pooping…and you know as BFFs, you know you’ve arrived! Are you the friend who always has the best advice to give? Or the friend who brings adventure in your bestie’s life? Find out what kind of friend you are, based on your zodiac sign.


You’re adventurous and impulsive, which means you love making spontaneous plans. Being dominant, you are usually leading your squad. And they don’t mind since without your edgy, fun plans, your lives would be so dull. However, when all your bestie needs is a listening ear, you volunteer to lend yours, no questions asked!


You’re the friend who plays the host maximum number of times in your squad. Not just because you’re warm and welcoming, but also because chilling at your home is so much fun! You take friendships very seriously. Which is why, your bestie is more like a sister to you now.


You’re a goof ball and quite entertaining! Sometimes, you end up saying things which under normal circumstances, most people would not. But honestly, your bestie loves your raw and funny avatar! When life gives your BFF lemons, she knows you’ll bring some tequila along. However, you tend to hold grudges, which you should consciously avoid.


When you love someone, be it your sibling or best friend, you tend to be very protective of them. You nurture them and if you could, you’d give your kidney away for them. Since that’s probably not needed at this point, you shower all your love on them by cooking for them (being an ultimate foodie yourself!). You may not have many close friends, but your inner circle is very tight and you’re always there for them.


You cannot restrict yourself to a small circle of besties. The world is your oyster and you’re the queen! You have your own set of patrons who swear by you, but at the same you know who the people that actually matter are. Being friends with you is full of thrills, luxury and glam!


You are practical, sorted and have your shit together…most of the times. Which is why, when your friends are feeling messed up, they seek your advice. And you love guiding them to the light, because there’s no denying here that leadership comes naturally to you!


You are the kind of best friend, who is so selfless that it’s almost a crime! You deeply care for your peeps and would go out of your way to help a friend in need. Your friends flock to you when they need someone to pour their heart out to, without judgement. However, sometimes, you end up breaking the girl code, by ‘accidentally’ spilling their secrets. It’s just so difficult to keep mum about something so juicy, right?


You have just one best friend, and you are possessive about them! You are hilarious and always bursting with energy, making any get-together light up instantly. What makes you an amazing friend though, is your loyalty and care. There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your bestie, unless they are dishonest to you. Once your trust is broken, there’s no mending it.


You’re a free spirit, and you introduce your friends to a lot of new experiences. From adventurous trips to fun night outs, you’re all up for anything that’s even remotely exciting. However, you just don’t have the patience for clingy people. You’re not the kind of friend who likes to be too emotionally involved. But you do care for your friends, as long as they let you be free.


You are literally, the adultest adult of your group. You give the most sensible advice, handle your arguments with maturity and throw adult-ish parties. No, we don’t mean X-rated! But you know, those with fancy dips and shit. You are the rock of your bestie’s life!


Since you are such an observant person, you know your best friend in and out. So the moment something’s wrong with them, you catch on it. Behind that aloof exterior, you deeply care for your BFF. Tough love is your forte, so when your bestie is sulking over an ex, you snap her out of it, without sugar-coatings!


You are a generous and self-less friend, who keeps her bestie’s needs before her own. Since you are so sensitive, you don’t let someone come close that easily. But once you have let them in, you let your guard down completely.


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