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We Are All For Honesty But Bae Doesn’t Need To Know These 7 Things

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It’s good to have no secrets from your partner, and keep communication open and strong. But, there are some things that are personal to everyone, and are okay to keep to yourself, even if that means not telling bae! Here are seven things that are, or should be, kept to yourself, because they are a part of your private little world that no one should be allowed to enter.


1. Your sexual history

It’s for you to know, and cherish. Also, it is in the past, and has no bearing on your relationship today – for you, or for your bae.


2. Fantasies you have of other people

Of course, you must talk about your sexual fantasies, but if it involves another living, breathing person, then maybe keep that information to yourself, and save bae unnecessary worry.


3. That soft corner you have for your ex, provided you have no plans to act on those feelings

Again, if there is unfinished business, or if you still want to be involved with your ex, there’s no need to discuss with your partner that you still care about them. If your ex is an actual threat to your relationship, then yes, be honest. But, if it’s simple, human care, then know that it’s not a big deal.


4. Your biggest weaknesses when it comes to relationships

Keep some things to yourself – a little bit of mystery is good! Especially in the early part of the relationship, it’s fine if you don’t show your most vulnerable side.


5. Conversations you have with your BFF

These are conversations with you and your BFF, and warrant some secrecy. No need to regurgitate everything to your boyfriend just because you’ve got to tell him things!


6. Gossip about other people’s lives

Again, he doesn’t care. Even the most salacious, juicy info you have on your co-worker will probably warrant no response, so maybe save it for the water cooler or, better yet, keep it to yourself.


7. Every single thought you ever have

The good, the bad, the ugly and the crazy. You’ll have many, many thoughts that you don’t have to reveal. It’s your inner world. Keep it like that!


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