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Thoughts We Have During Rebound Sex. Ah, Poor Decisions But Good Orgasms.

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I am not a big fan of beating myself up for things. Like yes, I like my pizzas and even though they are unhealthy, I won’t feel guilty about having them once in a while. Now of course we can’t apply the same thought process to everything. You know, it can’t be like you cheat on your partner once in a while because hey, junk sex is good. But what I mean to say is there is really no point in feeling so terrible about making poor decisions. All of us do. If your poor decision gives you a ton of mind-blowing orgasms, is it so bad? Sorry but I have the devil’s cape on right now. I have run out fucks for black-and-white choices. Have rebound sex if you must!

Rebound sex is a controversial subject. Some people will say don’t get under someone to get over someone. On the other hand, some people will vouch for it to be a pretty good method to do it. Honestly, it’s really up to you. It isn’t healthy for a lot of people who see it as something more than rebound sex. It’s like breaking up and hitting the bar, dancing it out, and feeling better for the night. Once in a while if you do that, it will keep you going. But if you end up passed out on the washroom floor every third day, then it’s a problem.

Having sex with someone new and casually seeing people can give your spirit a lift while giving you opportunities to dress up and not be left alone with a large bag of chips. But over-dependency will stop you from healing. So you do you. But while you’re doing him, do you have these thoughts too or are you normal?

I will have to teach him how I like it

All the effort I invested in teaching my ex how to make me orgasm is washed away. I feel like a teacher and now I have to teach another batch. Ugh, again I have to tell him which areas turn me on. People should come with manuals. *Stops self from making a silly “come” joke again!*

What is this new thing he is trying?

We had a set routine! What is this new thing now? Wait, this doesn’t seem so bad. In fact, I may be liking it a bit too much. *moans* I guess change is the only constant. At least, as long as this rebound sex is feeling good!


I must not say my ex’s name by mistake

I almost screamed out my ex’s name. What is wrong with me? Did he get it? I must not at any cost say my ex’s name. Let’s just stick to variables here. *Screams “oh yes, baby”*

This is me moving the fuck on

Look at me, sexing it up with a hottie. I am so over him! I can totally do other people now. Wow, this was easy, or is it me that’s uber-cool? Why does my best friend keep advising me against rebound sex?

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 The next day: “I miss my ex”

Wait, I thought I am over him. Why do I feel like I shouldn’t have done this guy? I feel so sad. I think I should take a break from dating. *Receives a text from latest crush* Yes, I am free this Friday, let’s meet? Fuck everything, I am too cool to cry over a man. Rebound sex isn’t so bad!

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