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This Study Reveals Why People Cheat With Someone They Already Know.

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Movies and books have led us to believe that people who stray are likely to do it with a stranger. We think the people cheat with someone new, someone completely out of their social circle. But according to a study ‘Attitudes Toward and Prevalence of Extramarital Sex and Descriptions of Extramarital Partners in the 21st Century’ most people cheat with someone they already knew.

According to the research, people most commonly reported having extramarital sex with a close personal friend (53.5%) or neighbour, coworker, or long-term acquaintance (29.4%).

Cheating on your partner is risky territory. Which is why, we think people have an extramarital affairs with these dingy characters nobody knows anything about. It doesn’t happen to people in strong marriages, or happy marriages or perfect marriages. An affair doesn’t just risk the marriages, it threatens the very foundation of everything the couple has built. When so much is at stake, what is the reason behind such risk-taking behaviour? Here are top three reasons people tend to cheat with a close contact.


One of the most significant factors, for people cheating with a close acquaintance is convenience. They don’t have to go out of their way to find someone new. Plus, a person who has been a part of your life is usually not suspected.


Why having office affairs is so convenient? Because of the proximity. You are literally always around each other and need not make excuses to spend time together.

Need for emotional connection

People have shown a preference for an intimate affair, like a relationship parallel to their primary one. It is possible that they seek emotional closeness and support (along with sex, of course).

Okay, ladies, we aren’t saying that you have to snoop through his texts or restrain him from meeting his female friends. A cheater is a cheater and can cheat anytime. If the person you love is trustworthy (if he isn’t, why would you even be with him?) then trusting him is what you do!


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