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This Guy Hired An Entire Theatre, Animated His Girlfriend Into The Movie And Proposed. It’s So Cute We Are Going Aww

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If there is one thing that fairytales teach us, it is that happily ever after, despite all odds, is a concept that can exist. Okay, so I am a bit of idealist but hear me out. Every girl dreams of her perfect soulmate (though mine might be stuck in a tree somewhere), coming to sweep her off her feet with his unconditional love. Then comes the wedding and that is where the “happily ever after” begins. But between the courtship and wedding comes an extremely important milestone- the proposal. Side note: future bae, if you are out there, take a hint.

The story I am about to tell you is about one of the most romantic and well thought out proposals I have ever come across. It wasn’t mushy or too corny, it was the kind that would make anyone (even the ones who don’t know anything about the couple) go “Awww”. Are you ready to be 30% happy and filled with that cutesy feeling and 70% majorly jealous?

Last week, Lee Loechler a filmmaker from Hollywood popped the question to his girlfriend Dr Sthuthi David at a Boston movie theatre. You must think, what is so special about that? It is the way he executed the proposal.

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You see, Lee had secretly rented out the entire theatre in Boston. The best part? He had also changed the ending of Sthuthi’s favourite fairytale Sleeping Beauty to make Aurora and Prince Philip resemble him and Sthuthi. In his version, the prince breaks the sleeping beauty’s sleep curse with a kiss and follows it by pulling out an engagement ring.

The prince on screen throws the box and that is when Lee takes over and pretends to catch it and gets down on one knee and says “I love you with my whole heart, including all of its ventricles, atriums, valves” Yes, that is funny. He goes on to clarify that she is a cardiologist and asks her if she would live happily ever after with him? The visibly shocked and overwhelmed Sthuthi says “yes” as Once Upon A Dream plays on in the background. This received a whole lot of cheers from the audience that was filled with their family and friends.

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When I watched the video the only thing I could think of was how absolutely adorable this is and how I can get me a man who does something like this for me? I watched the video over and over again just to take it all in, because it was unbearably cute.

In a tweet, Lee admitted having spent six months working on this movie with Kayla Coombs on this movie. The tweet read “For the past six months I’ve been working with @kaylacoombs to animate @stutzd4 and myself into her favourite movie, Sleeping Beauty. The only thing better than seeing the smartest person I know completely dumbfounded was knowing we’d get to live happily ever after together.”

Please tell me where can I find a man like him?

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