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This Couple Fell In Love And Got Married After Meeting By Chance At A Mall. This Gives Me Hope That I Can Find A Partner In The Real World

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You have to be a true skeptic to not believe in love at first sight. I am not some idealistic idiot but even I believe that it is possible to feel a strong connection with someone as soon as your eyes meet. I know it sounds the plot of every single sappy rom-com that we single-ass people watch on Saturday nights, but hey, I am waiting for my love by chance and I know he is out there.

Can you imagine how absolutely adorable it would be if I met a guy on let’s say an airplane? We talk for hours about everything under the sun and then we go our separate ways only to run into each other randomly on the street a year later. There are fireworks in the sky and violins playing in the background as we profess our love for each other and finally have that groundbreaking first kiss after thinking about it for a year. Then? Then we get married and live happily ever after.

I know the chances of me finding treasure are higher than me finding my one true love through an accidental meeting but what’s harm is hoping? I mean, it is sad enough that we live in an age where weird guys on the internet are our best bet of finding love. So yeah, I like every other girl out there dreams of just chancing upon my soulmate in the most unexpected of places.

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The reason that I am talking about love, chances and dreams today is that I just read the most heartwarming love story of a couple who fell in love by chance. Yep, still want to play the skeptic? Read on and you will believe and be a convert.

Grishma Hegde and Giri Kumar were just two ordinary people going about their ordinary day until they met at a mall, connected, fell in love and recently had the wedding of their dreams. When Grishma was asked how the couple met she said, “I met my husband in a shopping mall. I was working in a sales and marketing team at the time. He was walking past our kiosk and I stopped him to fill in a questionnaire. The minute our eyes met, there was an instant connection from both sides, but nothing happened then, he filled out the questionnaire as we spoke for a couple of minutes and went about with our lives as usual. After a couple of months, our paths crossed again like we were meant to be. It was then when we started seeing each other, it felt so natural and real! He’s the best deal I’ve ever struck in that mall or anywhere for that matter!”

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In a lot of ways, Grishma and Giri have the perfect love story. I mean, this is how it is supposed to be, right? Love at first sight, something that is straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. You don’t have to be a believer to want a love story so awesome that it actually sounds like a Bollywood movie plot.

They tied the knot in a dream wedding just last year in Karnataka. From Grishma’s gorgeous purple Kanjeevaram sarees to the venue, everything, just like their love story, was absolutely perfect.

Their story is an example of what can happen if we just get off those dating apps and focus on the people around us. You never know where you might run into your ideal partner!

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