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Things To Consider Before Moving In With Your SO!

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Moving in together with your significant other is no joke. Deny it all you want, but it is a milestone, the next step in your relationship, if you will. It’s easy enough to think that without the legal stamp of marriage, you can walk out when things get sour, but given the emotional commitment that living in with someone involves, that’s an illusion. So, if you’re in the talks of getting your own pad, consider these things before you sign the lease!

Why live together, and not get married?

One is not better than the other. Both come with their own set of challenges, and while you may have your own reasons to choose one over the other, it’s best to be clear why you are doing this. Maybe you’re not ready for marriage yet, or maybe, marriage is just not something you want. Whatever it may be, have your reasons clear.


How long have you been together?

As an adult, you are well within your rights to choose how and with whom you want to live. But, as an adult, you also have the responsibility of making a sound decision. So, ask yourself this – given the length of your courtship, are you ready to take this step?

How will you deal with families?

Your families will have a lot to say about your decision to live together. Living in, though legal, is a new concept in our country. So, be prepared to deal with raised eyebrows and dropped jaws from your loved ones.


How will you split the finances?

Money is one of the most common reasons why co-habiting couples fight. It’s best to pre-empt this by figuring out a budget, and how you are going to split it.

How do you feel about the possibility of breaking up after living together?

Whether you are living together or not, married or not, the possibility of a relationship ending always looms. The stakes are higher when you live together. Are you okay with that?


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