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5 Things That Happen In Your First Relationship That You Don’t Need To Freak Out About!

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Ah! The innocence of first love… it is so precious that we doubt there would be too many people who wouldn’t pass up a chance to go back to that good ol’ feeling. But, with this rose-tinted view of the world also comes a little bit of umm… stress. Yep, love CAN be stressful, and there are peculiar things we freak out about in our first relationship.

But, hey, these things are no biggie. If any of the following things are happening to you while you ride the tides of your first ever relationship, keep calm, and carry on!

1. You believe that this is forever and ever!

It may be so. Or, it may not. Don’t think about the future; just focus on having fun with each other!

2. You make grand gestures of love.

You haven’t grown cynical in love yet (and we pray you never do). You don’t feel shy telling your SO how much they mean to you, and how much you are willing to sacrifice for them. It’s cool… just remember, sometimes feelings change, and people evolve, and that’s also cool.

3. You’re all for romantic candle-lit dinners and what not.

You’re totally loving this whole adult date night vibe, and honestly, it’s something we all aspire to!

4. Sex means a whole different thing.

You may or may not be a virgin, but if you are having sex with someone you are not only having sex with, it will feel different. You’ll feel a soul connection… maybe because you ARE connecting with them outside of bed too!

5. You feel so damn excited and optimistic literally all the time!

You’re excited about that new restaurant that opened in your hood. You’re excited about that new course in your college. You’re excited about the new colleague who just joined. Heck, you’re even excited about having a luncheon with your toxic relatives! And, of course, nothing in the world bothers you! You see a solution to every problem that comes your way. Don’t get too excited by it, dear. It’s just hormones.


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