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15 Awkward And Funny Things That Happen At Your First Job

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First jobs are special. They are nerve-wracking, but probably the ones where we learn and grow the most! It’s also the very first taste of financial independence, and that in itself can be thrilling! It’s also the first taste of being held accountable for your actions, and having to take full responsibility, and that… well, that isn’t so thrilling, now is it? First jobs are bittersweet. Here are 15 things that happen that add to the rollercoaster ride that’s called “first job”:

You are everybody’s ‘bachha

Nobody seems to take you seriously

So, you try super hard to take initiative

You never say no to anything

Sometimes, you feel like a clerk

Your seniors make you pick up their coffee

But, also treat you to free coffee every now and then!

Someone takes you under their wing, and protects you from all the office drama

You learn a lot about people, politics, and diplomacy

You barely make any money

But, you feel super rich

You don’t take any days off because you are super enthusiastic about work

You are always on time, and don’t mind working late to prove your worth

You learn how awesome it is to have colleague-friends

Everybody in your life gets sick of hearing about your job because you can’t stop talking about it!


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