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These ‘Ghostly’ Dating Terms Need To Die In 2018

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Humans and relationships have been flawed for ever, but of late, some disturbing trends have come up when it comes to relationships. A lot of these have been made possible because of technology, but hey, let’s not blame a manmade thing for our [email protected]*#&e behaviour! In 2019, we’d really like to NOT see these trends that have recently become far too common in relationships.


Stealthing is when a guy slyly removes a condom mid-act. It’s a despicable thing to do, and we wish it never happened! But, it did. And we don’t want to bring it with us into 2019!


Breadcrumbing is when someone gives you just enough attention to keep you hooked. It only serves them. It is extremely manipulated, and rather disrespectful to the person who is being breadcrumbed. Ladies, beware of the signs, and dump the guy who treats you this way! By not entertaining such behaviour, you can hope that guys will stop and think about their actions.


This is when someone keeps a person hanging, until they find someone better. If there is even a thought in your mind that there could possibly be someone better for you that the one you’re with, then please dump that person right away rather than hurting them for your pleasure!


This is when someone makes their presence felt by liking or commenting on your social media activity. You are not seeing this person. Maybe you don’t even talk that much. They haven’t really told you they like you. Or, maybe they’re an ex. This is a cunning and frustrating way of telling someone “you want attention, but you don’t really want to be in their life,” or something of the sort. Stop, already!


We have been saying this for years, or so it seems. Don’t ghost. Be mature and respectful enough to tell someone to their face that you don’t want them in your life anymore. Come on! Let 2019 be the year we stop dating apparitions.


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