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These Celebrity Proposals Gave Us Unrealistic Expectations And Now We’re Crying At Our Single Life

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Somewhere in the real though faraway world, women are getting proposed in the dreamiest of ways. And here we are, twiddling our thumbs and waiting for our happy endings. Earlier it was the fairytales, then the rom-coms and now these celebs, making us all starry-eyed about proposals. Unfortunately for us, he can’t take hints and the only ring we are getting right now is probably ring worms.

1) Timing

Nick Jonas’s romantic gesture for our desi girl Priyanka Chopra was no less than a modern (and filthy rich!) fairytale. It was just one and a half years and three dates later that Nick was all ready to make a lifelong commitment. The guys we date somehow are slower than a snail having a bad day. Every time you go for a fancy dinner date with him, you hope there’ll be a ring at the bottom of your wine glass. But what do you find instead? The bitter taste of disappointment!

2) Location

Did you know that Saif proposed Kareena in Paris? In the city where love and romance is always in the air. How many of us have a boyfriend who would even get this genius idea? I have no hopes from mine for sure! *cries into a pillow*.

3) The drama

We love proposals because now you have a tale to tell our family, friends and future grandchildren. And let’s be honest here – nobody likes a story with no surprises! Maybe having been married a couple of times gave Karan Singh Grover the secret to a woman’s happiness. Because he proposed Bipasha Basu (hold you breath!) under a sky filled with fireworks in Koh Samui! So much light, so much drama, such good photo ops! And the only time we get fireworks is during Diwali.

4) Sentimental touch

Aishwarya Rai may be referred to as the most beautiful woman in the world, but Abhishek Bachchan is quite a catch too! He popped the question with a ring they had used in the movie Guru (the budding phase of their romance). It may not have been a Tiffany but look at the sentiments of this tall and handsome man! Can Google Maps give us directions to the town where you find such men?

5) Surprise décor

We’ve all given birthday surprises at some point of time. The kind where you decorate their room, and when they enter, you jump up screaming surpriiiiiseeeee! Imran Khan made proposal night a big beautiful revelation for Avantika Malik. How? He simply decorated her room with candles and went down on one knee asking her to marry him. Asking for a boyfriend with such skills though is like asking for the moon since most of us don’t even have a date.

However, on a serious note, does it even matter how it happens? It may or may not be grand like celebrity proposals. Why put so much pressure on *how*? It can be simply while binge watching Netflix on a Friday night, or while cuddling on the bed after a pillow fight. Rain or no rain, the moment will still be beautiful when you look into his earnest eyes and share the most intimate kiss. You may or may not have someone to love you at the moment. But eventually, you will find someone who will probably suck at proposals but will be amazing at loving you. At least that’s the hope.


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