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These Are The Absolute Worst Reasons To Get Married. Rethink That Decision!

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Your parents, your friends, Shantabai and basically the entire universe is pushing you to get married. Because age, biological clock, you are done studying – it could be anything. The pressure is mounting and according to the neighbourhood aunties, you’re already way past the right age to get married. You’re probably half convinced, but the fact that you are reading this article now, means that there’s a voice in you that isn’t entirely sure. It’s such a crucial decision, and you’re petrified! Don’t worry, we have your back. If you’re marrying for any of the following reasons, then it’s better to hold your horses! Here are 10 worst reasons to get married.

  1. Your friends are getting married

The thing about married friends is that once they tie the knot, they keep promoting the entire concept of marriage until you’re sold. Two of your Bffs got married and their honeymoon pictures are to die for. And you’re at home, making dinner for two and eating it all alone. Which makes you think, let’s get myself a husband. Let us stop you right there, this is a bad idea.

  1. You are bored

Your life is feeling stagnant and you are looking to spice it up a bit. But getting married because you’re bored in life, with nothing interesting to do can’t be good. If you’re bored go to Hawaii, get a haircut – not a husband. Because allow us to remind you, this husband guy hangs around for the rest of your life.

  1. Your ex is engaged/married

Relax, it’s not a competition of who moves on first. You may be tempted to indulge in the sweet taste of spite by telling him you found someone better, too but you can’t build your new relationship on the ruins of your last. Also, rebound relationships you can get out. Rebound marriages require a much greater investment.

  1. You can feel the clock ticking

We’ve been fed with misconceptions about having to marry because you’re of a particular age. Which is why you feel that if you don’t marry now, you will find it difficult to get a good match. But then again, who are these people and why do they get to decide when is the right time for you to settle down? Wait till you’re ready.

  1. You want sex

If you have been abstaining from sex until marriage and this can be quite a temptation to get yourself a groom. Because, unlimited sex dude! Honestly, people who have been married for a while will tell you that the sex isn’t even that frequent. Find yourself a sex toy instead, and your husband doesn’t count as one.


  1. For financial reasons

Okay, we get it. Most of us millennials are broke, like at all times. And sometimes, you just badly wish for someone to sponsor you. Finding a partner so you can buy a house together, have a double income and upload pictures of you in exotic places on Instagram with the hashtag #CoupleGoals is cute only in the movies. We suggest getting a job or better still, getting promoted.

  1. You are lonely

We know it can get hard sometimes to do things alone, especially when your friends are busy with their respective partners. But the thing about loneliness is that it doesn’t come from lack of company. It comes from not being happy with yourself. And can you be happy in a relationship, if you’re not happy alone? Probably not.

  1. You feel pressurised

When our parents got married, that era and life was completely different. So if they tell you that at your age, they already had a kid, don’t fall for that! Because you know life is different now and the 30s are the new 20s. Ask them to take a chill pill!

  1. You want to be a bride

Of course, dressing up in a 50k lehenga, having a professional do your makeup and walking down the aisle with all eyes on you is tempting AF. A grand wedding, and a honeymoon after seem like very good reasons to marry, but they aren’t. Because if deep down you’re not ready, what will you do once all the extravaganza is over?

  1. Because you are tired of dating

You have dated a bunch of crapbags.  We all have! And it is tiring as hell. You signed up on dating apps, but the swiping business has done your love life no good. The fear of not finding someone better shouldn’t push you to settle for someone. Get off the apps, pursue an interest and we’re sure you will find your mojo.


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