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The Pros And Cons Of Dating A *Much* Older Guy

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It’s obvious that you’ve clicked on this article because you’ve someone older you are crushing on pretty hard or are seeing someone who is *much* older than you. You are confused, is this the right thing? And you could use a little guidance.

Honestly, women do find older men hotter. Case in point, Milind Soman. There’s so much, well, gumption, that older guys can seem very attractive. Also, did we mention that we absolutely dig the salt-and-pepper look?

If you have been eyeing an older man, think 10-15 years older than you, here’s everything you need to consider before dating an older guy.

Pros of dating an older guy


Older Men Are More Sorted

Wisdom comes with age, and a guy who is 33 will definitely have more of an emotional quotient than that of a 22-year-old. This means your man can see your side of the argument and sort it out without it escalating into a full-blow fight.

They Know How To Please A Woman

While at a young age, a guy is still exploring sex, older men have been there, done that. He has already learnt from experience and knows your pleasure points well. He probably knows more sex positions than you can count. At least, that’s what we hope.

They Are Emotionally Evolved

Every broken relationship has the ability to teach you so much about life, only if you are smart enough to learn. He has, we presume, had his share of breakups and achieved an emotionally evolved state that a young guy hasn’t yet.

They will spend on you

Okay, most of us aren’t in it for the money but let’s admit it – we love being pampered! Expect fancy dates, Instagram-worthy holidays and gifts! On the flip side, you will not be able to spend much on him but it’s the thought that counts, right?

They Can Dish Out Good Advice

He could become your sounding board, guiding you better in matters of the heart and work. An older guy can very well be a mentor even as you fumble around trying to figure out things on your own.

Cons Of Dating An Older Guy

Society Will Be Judgmental

But that’s how society has always been, right? Your parents may find it difficult to accept. Your friends may assume that he is just fooling around. His friends may think you are in it for the luxuries. What’s worse, you will have to make it known in each of your Insta posts that he is your partner and not an older cousin. But who are these people and why should we confirm to anyone’s set notions of love?

Your Social Circles May Be Dramatically Different

You two may have connected like two peas in a pod but it doesn’t mean your circles will blend too. Due to the age gap, the things you do for fun may vary. This means that you will find it difficult to socialise as a couple.


It’s really important to define the relationship expectations well. He may be okay with dating but not willing to settle down. Or, he may want to get married in the next two years and you, on the other hand, would feel it’s too soon. If age is just a number for the both of you, it shouldn’t be an issue. Having said that, it’s still better to manage expectations.


Your Ideas Of Fun May Be Different

He may wish to wake up at 7 am on a weekend and go for a scrumptious brunch. While you may just sleep and cope up with the previous night’s hangover. These are general assumptions and don’t stand true for every couple. People in the same age bracket can like different things too. As long as you can find common ground, where’s the problem?


Power issues

An older guy may have more power in the relationship and end up making most decisions. You may end up feeling like you’re being parented – and that’s not something a strong, opinionated woman would like. Nothing an honest conversation can’t sort out.

Consider your pros and cons, and also decide what you seek. Every relationship requires work, irrespective of the size of the age gap. It can definitely be a great experience. If you find your Milind Soman, hold on to him, my friend. If you decide not to, pass him over.


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