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The Kind Of Bio You Have On Dating Apps And What It Reveals About You

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It’s been a while since you broke up with your boyfriend, and now you’re on a bunch of dating apps. You’ve uploaded your best pictures and have penned down a nice dating app bio. Interestingly, your bio reveals a lot more than the information you give out in it. Does your bio spell fun? Does it reveal your personality type? Because if it doesn’t reveal who you really are, you could be attracting matches who you practically have nothing in common with. While these aren’t absolute, here are the various things your dating app bio reveals about you.

The ‘Not looking for a hookup’ Bio

You have clearly mentioned in your bio that you’re not up for anything that lasts just for the night. It says you’ve witnessed enough creeps already and you just want to stay clear of them. A no-nonsense girl, you exactly know what you want and you like to filter out anything that doesn’t fit the bill. You’re currently out of f**** to give and won’t waste your time on anything that doesn’t interest you.

The Philosophical Bio

The fact that you’re writing about your perspective on life and love, reveals that you are someone who looks beyond the superficial aspects of dating. You are more interested in meaningful conversations than fluffy talks about someone’s drunken misadventures. What you really seek is a connection with a person who thinks alike and you can actually talk to. Of course, you love a good laugh, it’s not all serious but if there was a neon sign saying ‘ Don’t mess with me’, you’d have it.

The Detailed Bio

You have every possible detail mentioned on your bio, like your height, zodiac sign and the name of your pet. Sometimes it’s difficult for you to gauge what information to actually let out, words just fall out of your mouth unfiltered. Foot in mouth situation is an amazingly familiar territory for you! There’s probably too much information about you on the dating app, potential matches have to sift through a large volume of information. You’re like an open book but perhaps save something for the time when you actually meet?

The Traveller’s Bio

Your bio has images of your trips. To Sydney, to Hampi to basically any time you stepped out of the house. You have listed the countries you have travelled to. Your bio has wanderlust written all over it. What really gets you going are experiences. This also means that you don’t like being tied down and if you have to really commit to someone then they better join you in your adventures! You’re quiet the free spirit!

The Mysterious Bio

You just couldn’t figure out how the bio works, so you decided to just fill it up with two or three adjectives. More of an introvert, you believe they should get to know you with time. Also, you’re probably cute because with such a lame bio, your practically relying on your pictures to get good matches! While it’s always fun getting to know someone, perhaps don’t make them dig this hard.


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