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The Different Types Of Kisses And What They Reveal About His Feelings Towards You

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You have an amazing romance on with this cutie. Several cute dates and canoodling later, you are still not sure how he feels for you. Decoding your man may seem like a bit of a task, but there are non-verbal clues that you can turn to. The way he kisses you says a lot about what he feels for you. Here’s what you can tell how he feels about you from the way he kisses  you.

  1. Cheek kiss

If he kisses you on the cheek, it means he finds you cute as hell! When he kisses you on your cheek while holding you in his arms, it only means that you’re really precious to him.

  1. Eskimo kiss

This is a playful kiss when he rubs his nose with yours. If he does this gesture to you, it means he not only likes you but thoroughly enjoys your company. Among the Eskimos, it is usually the elders doing it to small children out of affection. Which could also mean he feels protective of you.

  1. Hand kiss

If he kisses the back of your hand, it means he respects you. He is a chivalrous and charming guy who loves to shower you with attention. Prepare to be swept off your feet by this side of him.

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  1. Forehead kiss

If he kisses your forehead it means he really really likes you. It’s not just mere attraction, he is into you for the long haul. Such a guy will deeply care for you and put your happiness over his.

  1. Neck kiss

This is an intimate kiss, and it usually signifies that he wants to heat things up a notch. This is a sign that he is very attracted to you. When done right, this could also mean that he will focus on pleasing you in bed with an amazing session of foreplay.

  1. Lip Kiss

We don’t really have to break this down for you, do we? A kiss on the lip means he’s attracted to you and isn’t afraid to show his feelings. A close mouth kiss which lasts for more than 20 seconds means he has deep affection for you.

  1. French Kiss

A French kiss is one of the most popular romantic kisses. It involves a lot of tongue action, which let’s just say, makes it even more intimate than the closed mouth one. If he’s playing tongue hockey, it means his passion is running high and he wants to take things to the next level. If you’re an amateur at French kisses, here’s a guide that will leave your guy wanting more. A whole lot more.

  1. Ear lobe kiss

He will kiss on your earlobes if he wants to turn you on. Maybe he is seeking more physical intimacy. It doesn’t really say much about his emotions but it definitely means things are about to get really hot between you two.

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