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Sorry To Break It To You But If He’s Doing These 5 Things, He Is Definitely Friendzoning You

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So, you think only you can friendzone a guy? That guys don’t do it? While there are pretty clear signs if a guy doesn’t like you, often, if you like him, and he continues to be a part of your life and even, in some twisted way, confide in you, things can get confusing. It’s easy to blur the line between a friendly and a flirtatious relationship, especially where feelings are involved. In cases like these, watch out for these telltale signs that he is not looking at you as more than just a friend.

signs he is friendzoning you_never_hangs_out_with_you_hauterfly

He doesn’t want to hang out with you alone

He is all for group activities and plans, ideally outside the house. He’s up for a movie with the gang and you, or drinks on a Friday night, as long as it doesn’t end up with you and him alone anywhere.

signs he is friendzoning you_talking_about_ex_hauterfly

He talks about other girls, including his ex(es)

If he is telling you about other girls while you are not in a relationship, or there is no clear prospect of it, he’s not doing that to make you jealous. That’s his way of telling you he’s not that into you.

signs he is friendzoning you_trearts_you_like_bro_hauterfly

He treats you like a dude

Think “car-o-bar,” action movies, video games, beers and lame jokes. A clear sign that you just cannot ignore is if he calls you “dude” or “bro”.

signs he is friendzoning you_trearts_tries_to_set_you_up_with_someoneelse_hauterfly

He tries to fix you up with other people

The only acceptable reason why someone would fix someone up with someone else is, if they are not interested.

signs he is friendzoning you_never_initiats_plans_hauterfly

He hardly ever initiates plans or conversations

That’s because you’re just another friend with whom he doesn’t feel a strong desire to hang out all that often.


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