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Signs You’re Being Taken For Granted And What To Do About It

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It starts off with so much mushiness and a few months into the relationship and you start feeling like a doormat. You have played your part of the goody goody girlfriend. You prioritised him, invested your time doing things he loves, and he…took you for granted! So the thing about being too nice is that often people end up taking you for granted. Even your SO. And it probably doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. It’s just that they have become too lazy to work on the relationship. Here’s how you can remind your boyfriend that they need to work for the relationship. Get him to stop taking you granted with these smart moves!

Stop prioritising them

If you’re a girl who is constantly going the extra mile to accommodate your SO, then you need to stop putting them first. Don’t drop everything you’re doing the minute they call. If you’ve plans, turn our boyfriend down. If he’s having a boys night out and they are important to him, don’t sit at home and wait for him. Do your own thing. This will remind them that you aren’t available at their beck and call. Prioritise your needs, it’s time someone did.  Show them what the bottom of priority list looks like.


Have your own interests

You’ve gone camping because he likes it. Watched a horror movie because he likes them. You see a pattern? Instead of spending all your time and energy on them, sign up for that dance form you wanted to learn. Go for fitness classes, wine tasting, beer chugging, or Sunday brunches, even if your partner isn’t up for it. Find friends who are, or go solo! It will definitely make them realise that you are not dependent on them and your interests are as important as theirs.

Do something for yourself

It’s no rocket science that we tend to let ourselves go when in a relationship. We get comfy in our pyjamas and worn out tees, while our cutesy dresses rot away in our closets. Dress up, for yourself. Feel pretty. Take a long lunch break and get that mani done. You deserve it and it will make you feel super confident. It’s a good way of reminding yourself (and them) that you’re still quite the catch!

Ditch them for your friends

You’ve always been spending almost all your weekends with them. And they’ve begun to value your company a lot less than before. Ditch them and plan a fun ladies night with your BFFs. Better yet, plan a nice trip. Let your Instagram pictures give him the burns. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and he will realise that your company is quite a privilege! If nothing, you will still have a lot of fun with your other baes!

Let them come to you

If it feels like you are the only one taking initiative, planning stuff, it’s time to put your foot down, maybe even get a pedi while you’re at it. Make them crave the attention you’ve have to generously bestowing on them. And when they come to you, refer to the next point.

Have a calm conversation

Speak to them about how you’ve been feeling lately, without any aggression! Since now they’ve already experienced how it feels to be sidelined by your own SO, they should see your point. Let them know that their actions will have consequences, which can destroy your relationship. They will understand and start treating you the way you want and deserve. At least, if they want to keep you.

Know your worth

In the end, if everything fails, we hope that you know that you deserve better. Yes, everyone gets comfortable once the relationship gets old. But if they have been making you feel unloved and unimportant, the door’s always open.


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