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Shruti Haasan Says Our Society Isn’t Conducive To Women Being Open About Their Relationships

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I have been fairly open about my relationships. Actually, often it wasn’t voluntarily when I was younger. I am terrible at not showing love and if I am seeing someone, the world around me will know. That’s how I am – I like to express. My boyfriend’s pictures will be on my social media with the occasional passive-aggressive cheesy line. However, with the amount of questioning that came my way after my last breakup, I am not quite sure if I want things to be so out there. I don’t want to stop myself from being who I am but I also don’t want to the kind interference and interrogation of my connections. It doesn’t come as a surprise to me that Shruti Haasan regrets speaking about her past relationships.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Haasan expressed, “I think maturity or evolution to understand women talking about their personal and professional life openly without being questioned lacks in our society. Also, growing up with both parents being known, I really didn’t have many things that are personal to me. So I’m very particular.”

Saying this, the actress refused to talk about her current relationship. She was previously dating British theatre artist Michael Corsale. However, it seems like long-distance took a toll or so was shared on social media. But there was a time when people were spreading rumours that the pair is getting married, just because Corsale was spotted wearing Indian clothes. Shruti Haasan has also been heavily trolled for going under the knife but she stopped giving two hoots about such peeps.


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However, it’s worth noting that a woman’s dating history or present is often a point of gossip and moral policing in our country. Alia Bhatt lost a lot of fans when she started seeing Ranbir Kapoor, apparently for stealing her friend Katrina Kaif’s boyfriend. People refuse to let go of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s past and often bring up her dating history involving an abusive ex and a clueless ex.

And these are women we don’t even know personally. These women don’t even have to deal with moral policing, in real. Yes, trolling but it’s not like Alia’s bareily wali chachi will tell Mahesh Bhatt aapki beti haath se nikal gayi. At least that’s the hope.

But here we are, keeping our relationships under the wraps because relatives talk. And when you breakup, everyone has opinions. God forbid if you have more than one breakups, then they will infer something is wrong with you. It’s you, apparently, who drives all the men away. The several Sima aunties (who may or may not be old!) will tell you how you need to compromise.


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She has too much attitude. She is too career oriented. She is having too much fun. She is promiscuous. Our society is very uncomfortable with a woman having multiple partners in her lifetime and nobody takes any time before character-assassinating her or finding problems to fix. Apparently, just because I broke up with my ex, who I was almost thinking of marrying, I can’t maintain relationships or I am high-maintenance. Nobody cares what the man did.

In fact, can a woman openly say she’s having a bangin’ sex life? Why do women have to act coy and pretend to be virgins? Why must women hide the fact that they hooked up and enjoyed? We pressurize ourselves to confuse good sex with love because we are taught a good woman enjoys coitus only out of love. So it’s not surprising that women find it hard to admit to being sexually active, often not even to their close friends.

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Our society has not evolved. It may have urbanized but it feels like we are living in a time when Sita was made to appear for a purity test. Like to hell with it! For how long will women alter our ways just because our society refuses to grow tf up?

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