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She Farted In Front Of Her Boyfriend For The First Time And He Got A Cake To Celebrate. It Is A Legit Relationship Milestone.

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When we meet someone new, we tend to show the brightest, shiniest side of our personality. On our dates, we order food that is not messy to eat and we try and eat with a fork and knife, even if you want to stuff that pizza right into your mouth. And wait, we wear dresses that are so uncomfortable courtesy the desperate need to make him fall head over heels in love with us. But a little time into the relationship and that façade of pretentious sophistication begins to fade away. You begin to turn up in your PJs and video call him with no makeup on except that lip balm you put last moment under the pretext of looking for your earphones. Your food order becomes messier – pav bhaji, noodles, chocolate-filled waffles, or doughnuts – even a Subway sandwich. You let your guard down and that’s exactly when you realise that you’ve come closer.

Recently, an Australian couple celebrated one such milestone. Ryan McErlean bought a cheesecake to celebrate when his girlfriend Kaylie Warren farted in front of him, after three years of being in a relationship. Yes, she was able to finally let her guard down and fart with the same confidence our dads do in front of the entire fam. If that doesn’t say they have come closer, I don’t know what will.

But Ryan McErlean here didn’t let that milestone go unappreciated. As astonishing as it sounds, he said he was brimming with ‘pure surprise and joy’ when he heard her fart late at night. Apparently, the loud fart woke them up and Kaylie even tried to put the blame on their pet dog. But I guess all three of them knew who the real noisemaker was.

Ryan said he was always comfy farting in the presence of his girlfriend, but Kaylie has been more conscious for three long years. “Kaylie is more polite when it comes to that sort of thing, so maybe a month or two into our relationship when I hadn’t heard one yet I said it to assure her it was alright to do – it was to break the ice,” he revealed.

In fact, this wasn’t a random surprise at all. Right in the start, he had promised his lady that he would celebrate the milestone moment when she becomes comfortable enough to fart in his presence. “He did say at the start of the relationship that he would get me a cake, I held off for dramatic effect I guess. But when I saw the cake, it was the funniest thing ever,” Kaylie expressed.

However, that’s really easier said than done. I know we should be relaxed enough with our partners and let our walls down, but I wouldn’t voluntarily blow the wind. Like if it happens accidentally, I will end up laughing but I won’t act as nothing happened. Okay, I would if there wasn’t any sound!

So far, I have been able to get unworried enough to talk to bae about my poop schedules or talk to him while at it. But farting is a milestone I haven’t been able to cross yet. Maybe when I do, I will celebrate too. Although I wonder how he got that cake which read “congratulations for finally farting.” Ryan revealed that he had actually written it on a note but the bakery guy was chill about it. “When I bought the cake the guy in the shop was surprisingly chilled about it, said he’d had weirder requests. I spent $40 AUD (Approximately Rs. 2000) on the cake,” he said.

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That’s weirdly cute! I mean, I would have found it really embarrassing but also secretly enjoyed it. And then I would totally take fun-spirited revenge from him. “It’s something everything can relate to as a couple – everyone has a weird milestone they cherish or fulfil, it’s a little bond they have that makes it special,” Ryan concluded.

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