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Science Says Sex Improves Your Productivity At Work And We Absolutely Believe It!

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The internet went crazy when China’s richest man and boss of online marketplace Alibaba, advised his employees to have sex six times, six days in a week. Jack Ma received a lot of backlash for the “lewd advice” he gave to the newlyweds of his company. Although he said it light-heartedly, science does back him. Well, partially, at least. Apparently, regular sex does impact your productivity at work. But hey, if you’re going to suggest sex that regular (six times a week) then maybe give your employees the time to do it! While our work schedule barely allows us to make time for showering and sleeping, having sex so many times would need major time management. Also, some serious stamina boost. Meanwhile, allow us to tell you the 5 ways that regular sex can help you be better at work. Want that promotion? Have sex!

Sex kills stress

When you have sex regularly, the happy hormones oxytocin and dopamine are in abundance in your body. Which also in turn, reduces cortisol – the stress hormone. In fact, according to a study by the University of Paisley (UK) , after sex people deal with stressors more effectively that those who got no action. What does this mean for you? That you can focus on your work without overthinking about what bae said the previous night.


Sex makes you smarter

Yes, it’s not the almonds but rather the sex that’s making you sharper! Researchers from the University of Maryland found that indulging in coitus often creates new neurons in the hippocampus (not related to the animal). And do you know why hippocampus is so important? It is the hero of your brain that helps you learn new things and also sharpens your memory.

Sex improves your analytical thinking

According to a research published in The National Center for Biotechnology Information, “People in love often think long-term which boosts their holistic thinking and creativity. When they have sex they are focused on the here and now which improves their analytical thinking skills.” So it means if you’re having sex with someone you love, you can be both creative and analytical! This will definitely help you find out-of-the-box solutions at work. Who wants to brainstorm?

Sex improves your cognition

We’ve been told since forever, to do crosswords to increase our mind’s cognition. But hey, there’s a more fun activity that can help you with that! According to The Journal Of Sexual Medicine, when you orgasm, your brain gets better at sustaining cognitive functions. While puzzles stimulate limited areas of the brain, sex activates covers the entire brain map. You will ace that quiz.

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Sex can improve your immunity

So apparently, if you have sex twice a week, you can say goodbye to common cold and fever! According to researchers from Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, people who were sexually more active had a 30% higher level of immunoglobulin A, which basically builds your body’s resistance against viruses! Which means you can save your sick leaves and use them up when you need time off!


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