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Sara Ali Khan And Kartik Aaryan Aren’t Defining Their Relationship, And Here’s Why That’s Perfectly Okay!

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Ever since Sara Ali Khan admitted she has a crush on Kartik Aaryan, the internet couldn’t keep calm! There has been so much speculation, and with Ranveer Singh going ahead and introducing them, there was no looking back. The alleged couple has a different fan base altogether and people are taking every opportunity to ship them together. And why not? They look adorbs together!

From Instagram fan pages and memes to paparazzi following them everywhere, Sara and Kartik are definitely the most talked about young *potential* couple in tinsel town! It was probably their off-screen chemistry that led to them being cast together in Imtiaz Ali’s Love Aaj Kal 2!

Recently, the duo was spotted having a cute moment in Sara’s car! They were laughing, talking and holding hands in the backseat of her car. And the shutterbugs just couldn’t miss documenting the moment.

Earlier too, they were apparently spotted in a club having a gala time, rumoured to be kissing. Neither of them confirmed it, but hey, it would have been so cool if they were! While the nation has been collectively pestering them about their relationship status, they haven’t admitted to being a couple. But that’s completely alright, guys! Millennial relationships aren’t black-and-white. Maybe they are not in a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, so what???

From going on bike rides to clubbing and basically enjoying each other’s company, they are probably living in the moment and just going with the flow. Let’s take the pressure off them and let them enjoy this phase without having to define things. Unless, they want to! They are just like any of us, and that makes them so relatable! In a recent interview, Kartik Aaryan had opened up about his relationship status and said that his relationship has no status and he is very much single. He also said that young people these days shouldn’t overthink relationships and rather go with the flow.

While the duo have the cutest romance going on for them, they have actually been asked to keep distance (no, why!) Reports citing sources from the film’s production revealed: “Kartik and Sara had been making too many appearances together in public. They have also been making a lot of headlines.”

“It will then take away the charm of the film too soon if the media stops asking them fun questions about each other. Hence Imtiaz Ali has told them to try and keep the exclusivity towards the film’s release as it will help the film,” the source added.

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Their yet-to-start love story (yes, we have hopes, but no pressure guys!) is certainly a topic of conversation. But since they are going with the flow, maybe we’ll have to wait a while before anything materialises. Maybe it won’t and this is all that will ever be. But that’s how millennial connections work, right? We totally get it!


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