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#Relationships: What His Kissing Style Says About Him

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Kisses are much more important than they get credit for. Sex is fine but how do you even get aroused with a thrilling kiss? When we make out with someone, a major chunk of it is just kissing, mixed with other sexual acts. I don’t know who invented this beautiful phenomenon and what they were thinking but they hit the nail on the head. Did you know kissing releases oxytocin, a hormone that is responsible for attachment and bonding? Of course, they had not seen the millennial way of detached dating.

Honestly, a sweet, passionate kiss is enough to make you dripping wet and filled with desire. In fact, it is said that a person knows after the first kiss if there’s enough spark to take things forward. Actually, not just that. You can tell a lot about how a guy is and how he feels for you if you just observe how he kisses. The words, he can manoeuvre but the kisses give it away. Here’s what his kisses are telling you.

1) Is he impatient?

Have you ever kissed someone who was at it like he has a deadline to meet? You know how you get to work when you procrastinated enough and it’s now or never. He just goes at it, not caring about whether you’re liking the pace, the rhythm, or if it’s too fast. I’d say you will have a hard time catching up with this guy. He likes gratification, his way, and instant. He rushes with things, often missing out on the pleasures of life because for him, it’s just about getting a task out of his way. Let him know he needs to slow down while kissing and in life if he really wants to enjoy the pleasure of your company.


2) How smoothly can he synchronise with you?

I may be no Emraan Hashmi but hello, I know a thing or two about kissing. What really makes for a good kiss? It is how much in sync you both are. Out of all struggles in life, this is literally the last thing I want to tussle in. It should feel easy, free-flowing, almost like a choreographed move except it isn’t. If he is able to be in sync with your pace and movements, you can expect him to be flexible and not stubborn. He will care for your preferences and be able to comprehend the non-verbal cues you give. I’d say he’s quite a catch! Unfortunately, if he isn’t able to follow your cues, communication can be a bit of a problem with this one.

3) Does he take charge?

The thing about kissing is that for it to function smoothly, without looking like a sword fight, one has to lead and the other has to follow. Pretty much how it happens in Jive. If he likes to take charge while kissing, he will like to take the lead otherwise too. It doesn’t mean he will dominate you; it just means he will be a pillar you can rely on. If he lets you take the charge, it means he is easy-going and also that you will have to plan all your holidays. None of these approaches are bad; it’s just about what you prefer.

4) What do his hands do when you’re kissing?

Does he fondly hold your face while kissing you? It means he adores you and is literally making love to your face. Do his fingers find their way to your hair strands? He feels passionate about you and wants you badly. If he slides his hands to your thighs, he wants to arouse you and see how far it can go. The best though is that he cares for your pleasure and he knows all the right moves. This guy may just want sex but he will be pretty good at it!

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5) Is he a sweet kisser or a tongue tennis kind?

Well, just being one of these two isn’t enough. If he is just kissing you all-so-sweetly, you can tell he likes you and wants to take it slow. But too slow, isn’t it? On the other hand, I don’t fancy a man going too far with tongue play. I mean, yeah I like it hot but stop treating me like an animal. The guy worth kissing is the one who offers you both because that means he likes you and he cares about you. But it also means that he can sweep you off your feet with his wild, wild side.

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