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#Relationships: Anushka Sharma Gave Advice On How To Make A Relationship Last. We’ll Take Her Word For It

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I have been in a reflective mood, looking at my own behavior patterns and how they affect my relationships. Taking time out to journal my thoughts and feelings seem to be slightly more helpful than gulping down wine and cheese. I do feel the combo of it is the best I can get right now. So one thing led to another and I found myself watching YouTube videos of Sadhguru last night on relationships. And in one of the videos, he was talking about how we keep looking for a person who is exactly what we want. But in the end, the truth is there is no such person. He spoke about how any person we are with will annoy us at some point or the other and it depends on us whether those aspects of them are manageable.

In fact, we cannot have an absolute relationship with a human being. Relationships evolve, change, and alter. But when you’re willing to grow in the relationship and love each other with your flaws, it can last. Taking care of a relationship is also giving each other space and not controlling your partner. And when we still can’t seem to be flexible, we must ask ourselves – are we “perfect”? So I learnt a whole lot last night – thanks to my research and reflection.

So today I woke up and came across Anushka Sharma’s stories, it all made more sense. Anushka and Virat are loved individually but we’ve all been a little smitten with them as a couple. They’ve been giving us couple goals all this while. Like yes, they look cute together. They share a commitment and support each other. But today, I realised, they’ve actually aced the ways to keep a relationship healthy and long-lasting.

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Anushka Sharma posted the “Ask me” sticker on her Instagram stories writing that she has had a lot of carbs and is buzzing with energy. Her fans took no time in seizing this opportunity. Someone asked her if she will take Virat’s help. For what? Does this have a meaning I am not able to understand? What was the concern of this person? Either way, Anushka replied saying yes, to open tight bottles and lift heavy chairs. “Haan tight bottles kholne mein our heavy chairs uthane mein madad lungi,” she wrote.

When someone asked what she does to annoy Virat, she cute responded, “If I beat him in any board game and then rub it in. He hates losing in anything!” Where is the fun if you can’t annoy each other? And this just shows that they are above feelings of annoyance and all that. I am still working on how to do that. I guess that becomes comparatively easier when you love that annoying but adorable person.

Someone then asked the couple how to keep a relationship going strong. Anushka gave an insightful response we can all learn from. She wrote, “Faith, knowing that love is acceptance, a good relationship is a commitment, a promise to be there for better or worse because through the ups and downs it allows the individuals the space and understanding to grow into their highest human potential,” the actress replied.

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Wow, this is like the best relationship advice in a nutshell. Why do you think two people standing at the altar promise to be by each other’s side in sickness and in health, in good times and bad? Because there will be phases where you will feel things just won’t work out and sometimes you will feel overwhelmed with all those annoying little habits. People may even find another suitor more impressive and attractive but it kinda doesn’t work that way. That suitor may seem like a fun ride till things are fun. He may seem perfect but eventually, you will go through difficulties with him too. It’s just how relationships are; they require effort, commitment, and acceptance. The fact that Anushka and Virat have been going so strong should make you believe this actually works!

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