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Priyanka Chopra Photoshopped Herself Into Nick Jonas’s Lonely Picture. She Wins The Cutie Of The Year Award Hands Down!

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Yesterday, the world come across a picture of Nick Jonas, hilariously fifth-wheeling with his brothers and their respective partners. It was captured at the MTV Video Music Awards 2019 when the Jonas brothers were announced the winners of the Best Pop Award for their comeback song Sucker. Nick’s brothers reached out to their partners and kissed them, while Nick stood there, like the loneliest person in the world (read about it here). He was missing wifey Priyanka Chopra, we know because it was written all over his face.

The couple has been indulging in PDA unabashedly, and I pretty much adore them for it. Why hide your love? I would have indulged in PDA just for kicks and to annoy the fuck out of people. While they have danced against sunsets and kissed like it’s their first one, this picture really topped it all. The best part is that you can see all that love when PeeCee wasn’t even there! Or was she?

You know how we tell our loved ones that we are there with them in spirit? Priyanka Chopra took that to a whole new level. She added herself into the picture and shared it on Instagram with the caption: “I’m always with you, Nick Jonas. Congratulations, Jonas Brothers! I’m so proud of all of you! #sucker.” Firstly, Priyanka’s graphic designer has amazeballs skills. Secondly, it’s literally the sweetest display of love I have seen lately. The moment I saw that post, I let out the kind of aww that till date has been reserved only for cat videos.

It’s such an amazing thing to have a partner, who is as affectionate as you. In fact, with them, it feels like it’s a competition of who will be cheesier.

Apart from all that mushiness, Nick Jonas’s picture also entertained netizens on Twitter. Never ever has Nick been so relatable. A user wrote: “Never before has a picture of #NickJonas represented me as much as this one does. #JonasBrothers ”

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Honestly, that was my thought too, because in the past one year, I have third-wheeled so many times. I have been more dahej than Salman Khan in the movie Bandhan.


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