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People Share What They Wish They Knew Before Losing Their Virginity

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There is a lot of opinion around the world on virginity. Some say you should hold on to it until after marriage, some will tell you to do it with someone you love and some say you must have first-time sex with a hottie. The thing is that who you do it with and when you do it is your choice. Sex is a personal choice and you have complete autonomy to decide when to lose your virginity.

But here’s the thing. When it’s done and dusted you wish you had known some things. You wish someone would have told you that it will be funny and not perfect. People who have lost their virginities would vouch for the fact that they have so much to tell their past selves.

So when someone asked on Reddit, what would people like to tell their past selves before losing their virginities, there was an ocean full of real, raw advice.

I love how real and unfiltered Reddit can get. No, it wasn’t about how to groom yourself or read up literature on best first-timer sex positions. People shared things that nobody tells you, except maybe your BFF who lost it before you. Or that older sister who is quite open about things.

A user wrote, “DO NOT GET DRUNK!!! Save yourself that hardship and remember everything that happened. Several people vouched for that. I agree that you’d want to do it at least not drunk out of your mind. However, some people said they would really prefer a little alcohol in their system before they take that leap. “Based on the average first experience i’d very much suggest the opposite so you remember as little as possible,” a user said. “But that’s the only way I could have had the brevity and confidence to initiate,” another one vouched for it when it comes to losing virginity.

Some people said they wish they could understand they didn’t really want to do it and they did it out of pressure. A user wrote, “Don’t. He pressured you and you didn’t really want to. Wait for the next guy who was so much sweeter!” Another woman agreed, “Don’t do it with a guy just because of social pressure. Wait a little more and you’ll meet the right gal.” And the discussion went on, “Same thing happened to me when I first had sex, didn’t want to but the guy pressured me so I gave in.” “Yeah I have the same regrets. Now in my mid 30s I see why my parents were so upset about a 21 year old high school dropout wanting to date 16 year old me,” people warned!

People also advised that we must not fake an orgasm even during first-time sex! “Don’t fake pleasure, you’ll fall into a lifetime habit of doing that and never figure out what really gets you off,” a user wrote. Some people suggested you also get thoroughly wet first. “More foreplay and stimulation,” a user suggested!

Several people said you should make sure you’re having safe sex. And hopefully the thrill of losing your virginity won’t make you forget that. “Take the pill before you get the dill,” “Wrap it before you tap it,” users wrote. Another user elaborated, “Buy condoms, you dumbass. And get on birth control. You’re pretty sure that guy you’re crushing on just wants to be friends, but you’re wrong. You’re going to end up hooking up with him after work, at three in the morning, without any kind of protection. Then you’re going to spend the next day freaking out while you go to find a morning after pill and get tested. You’re fucking lucky nothing bad happened. Condoms. Honestly.”

Well, safe sex is important – first time or not. Even after losing your virginity, don’t forget to have safe sex.

People said that we tend to remember the first time but not the sex bit, just the time around it. “Buckle up, you’re gonna remember this. But literally nothing about the sex. Just what happens before and after. You’ll retell the story a lot,” a user pointed out. “So much this. My high school boyfriend set up candles, had sparkling cider and Norah Jones playing—so romantic to my teenage self and I’ve told that part of the story many times. But I remember absolutely nothing about the sex itself. I’m sure it sucked, but I couldn’t tell you for sure,” another one agreed. So try to make it worthwhile!

But here’s the thing. You don’t have to make a big deal out of losing your virginity. “Do not wait for sex until you get into a serious relationship like everybody told you to, and end up doing it for the first time with the sweet but religious guy who lasted less than 3 seconds and made you pray for forgiveness after. Do it with the hot guy friend who’s a good kisser who you aren’t into romantically but who gives you the fanny gallops,” a user advised. But as I said, you do you.

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Some people said how the first time it wouldn’t be that great. “It will get better in a few years, as soon as you figure out it’s him you are not attracted to,” a user wrote. Also, don’t take inspo from porn, “It’s going to be weird and messy and really funny the first time. Don’t let porn mislead you.” That’s wholesome advice!

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