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People Share The Dumbest Ways They Got Ditched By Their Dates. It’s Clearly An Extreme Sport

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I think the worst part of modern dating is that people think since they are really single, they aren’t answerable to anyone. There’s a lot of insensitivity in the way people handle things because nobody really thinks how their actions affect the other person. Like the other day I was watching a show and each time the protagonist went on a date, she had no idea if she will get a call back. In another episode, a guy got stood up by a girl. And all of these things are apparently normalised because they are so common. It’s like a guessing game – will he call?

Once this guy I was talking to ditched me and this was years ago. I told him to fuck off. And I didn’t speak to him for a year. It’s really the shittiest thing to do. Do you know what it says about the person you were planning to see? That you’re just like a sidekick they made plans with because they had nothing better to do. They believe they can treat you that way and that it shouldn’t be offensive to you. Also, the most offensive bit – they think you’re dumb and you will buy the stupid excuses they throw your way.

Okay, we’ve all been there; we’ve canceled on people – both dates and friends. But at least be honest about it. Say if I made plans with someone, I will cancel only if something urgent comes up or if I have this pressing need to not get up from the bed. Or if it’s pouring cats and dogs. I will not cancel for shitty reasons. But really, even if for whatever reason you have to cancel, I would at least expect you to dignify me with a decent excuse. Like I don’t care, you’re not that important to me but please don’t insult my intellect.

So when someone on Reddit asked, “What’s the most outrageous line someone has given you to cancel and/or change your pre-planned date plans?” people started sharing the most hilarious ones. And we landed ourselves a treasure! The lady further described her own experience and it sounds like a common one. “Mine was a guy I had been messaging for weeks (and had messaged with months prior) and we were about to meet for the first time. I’m just outside of Seattle, but he lives in Seattle. Most men than I’ve encountered don’t like to venture out of city limits for a first date, but clearly expect me to. This dude was staying at his family’s farm in Oregon during lockdown.”

So what happened when they finally decided to meet? “When restrictions were lifted, he planned to come up to Seattle, then drive all around the state with his buddies doing a ‘golf course crawl’ over a long weekend. We had planned for him to come to my town and have a drink or two (socially distanced of course). When the time came to shore up meeting plans, his line was “I can’t drive up to meet you, my truck tabs are expired. Wanna meet down here?” He had taken said vehicle across two states with expired tabs, but ten miles from home was too risky?? It was so absurd it totally killed any lady boner I had for that man,” she wrote. See, that’s why these men don’t get sex.

Then the miss asked, “What’s the most outrageous line you’ve been given? The dating equivalent to “the dog ate my homework?” Here are the best of the lot.

Someone faked their own death

A user wrote, “Someone claiming to be a loved one of ‘the deceased’ texted me and said they died.” Say what? Like that’s just too much. I hope that wasn’t true though.

This guy couldn’t recover from his bad dream

A user described how her date pretended to be shaken up from a bad dream. “The guy was supposed to get a hold of me when he woke up to go get coffee together. At 5 pm, he finally texts that he had a bad dream and was still shaken up,” she wrote. Wow, people in A Nightmare on Elm Street recovered faster.

This guy who fell into the black hole of unending sleep

Another lady said, “Legit just had a guy tell me he “napped too hard”.” Like do you know no responsibility? Have you been doing drugs? What is wrong with you?

This is a legit excuse, btw

A guy wrote, “Once, had a date set up, and the girl suddenly decided something to the effect of: ‘Hey, so, um, here’s the thing. I had a really good time chatting with you and stuff, but I have to be honest. You have the same name as my father, and it just feels weird to me, to be perfectly honest. So, this isn’t gonna work.’” Well, I dated a guy whose name was the same as my brother’s and I could never call him by his real name. This one’s legit!

Babysitting his adult sister

Someone said: “That his parents were making him watch his sister. At first I thought ‘aww he’s a family man.’ Then I found out his sister was 24…” Well, then.

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The guy who has no idea Google Image search exists

This guy probably didn’t expect her to investigate which means he doesn’t really know women. Someone shared, “Was stood up because his friend was rushed to hospital, he sent me a photo of this friend on ventilators etc in a hospital bed. I reverse image searched it and of course it was from about 3 years ago and the guy was an American vet. I sent him the article and blocked him.”

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