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Not Sleeping Well? Blame It On Your Partner!

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Do you reach work, sleep deprived AF, more often than you’d consider healthy? You wake up, cranky and tired, super grumpy about the disturbed sleep you had the previous night. A few cups of coffee later, you’re wide awake, but that’s just your body functioning on reserve. You look up if you have a clinical sleep disorder, and spend a hell lot of time on the symptom checker. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Or maybe you’re just very, very single. How does that connect? Here’s how. According to a study published in the Journal of Social Psychological and Personal Science, you sleep much better when you have a partner responsive to your needs.

The study surveyed 700 people who were living together and asked them about how responsive they think their partner is. They also asked them about the quality of sleep they got at night.

According to the research, it turns out that people who felt loved and cared for, slept better than those who did not. It all takes you back to a bigger problem – stress! Since in our adult lives, romantic relationships majorly affect our happiness, people who are unhappy experience stress and anxiety. And that, as we all know, isn’t very important to a good night’s sleep.

They also found that feeling a sense of security, can make us sleep better. When we are young, the security and comfort comes from our parents. In adult life though, we depend largely on our romantic partners for the same. So if bae spoons you and you literally melt in his arms, you’re likely to have a better ‘restorative sleep’ or in layman’s terms, sleep like a baby!

Here’s all the more reason to snuggle up with your SO, every single night. Another study done at University of Pittsburgh affirms the same! It says that when you sleep next to someone you love, you sleep much better.

So let bae know that cuddles is the way to go from tonight onward. And if you’re single, we hope you have a willing cat…or a very fluffy pillow. Sigh!


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