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8 Fun Films Perfect For A Bachelorette Movie Marathon

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Of course, a wedding must be preceded with a night with the girls. But, if you’re planning your bachelorette, or planning it for your BFF, know that it’s about having fun, and that’s all! You don’t have to have a penis-shaped cake, and sashes that say, “Bride-To-Be”. Nor do you have to plan a trip to a beach city or the mountains. A bachelorette can be simple, as long as you’re all having a good time, and if, for you, that means having a movie marathon, then that’s that. If that’s what you have in mind for your pre wedding girls night, then here are a few movies to stock up on:


Sex and The City 1 and 2

There’s friendship. There’s love. There’s fashion. There’s sex. And, there is a wedding. Sure, the show and the movies are a wee bit problematic in some ways, but hey, if you were born in the 80s or the 90s, you’ll know that SATC was every woman’s liberation!


27 Dresses

Weddings can often feel overwhelming and emotionally draining. If you think your wedding is full of drama, then this movie is the one for you. After all, what can be more overwhelming than having to watch your sister marry the man you love?


Veere Di Wedding

Another movie that depicts the madness that weddings can be, and the importance of having friends by your side! If you’re watching this one, do keep a box of tissues handy.


Band Baja Baraat

A wedding involves a lot of planning. But, what happens when the wedding planner get derailed by their own love pursuits?


Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya

There’s a wedding. There’s an untimely love interest. And there’s a whole lot of drama. Grab the popcorn now!


Bride Wars

Are you a bridezilla? Or, is your friend one? Well, then meet two brides fighting for that perfect wedding. This movie will probably make you feel a bit better about yourself for not being an absolute douche.


Meet the Fockers

Where there are families getting together, there is bound to be umm… drama. Yep. Anyway, take a lesson or two on laughing it all off!



What happens when the bride and the bridesmaids can’t agree on things and end up fighting? Not very pretty things, but hey! At the end of it all, everybody just wants a good wedding!


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