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8 First Date Blunders To Avoid If You Want A Second Date

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First dates are tricky. They are kind of make-or-break in that if you fail to make a good impression the first chance you get, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a second date. Unfair as it may be, it is the truth. This is why we are here to talk about the common mistakes people make on the first date, so that you can avoid it!

Talking only about yourself

It will make you come across as self-absorbed, frankly, that’s kind of exhausting. Also, it gives the message that you’re not interested in knowing the other person. Why should they see you again then?


Not talking about yourself at all

If you don’t reveal something about who you are, why should your date see you again?

Talking about your ex

There is no need to bring up your ex unless there is a prospect of this turning into a relationship. Also, why do you feel the need to mention your ex on the first date? You are over him, aren’t you?


Talking about work too much

It’s okay to briefly talk about what you do, but making the entire date – or even majority of the date – about your career aspirations and laurels is just lame. You are certainly more than your job, right? Like you have a social life and things? No? Erm, you are on your own here.

Talking about how you want a fairy tale love story

Hey, we’re trying to keep the pressure off here. So that you can ease into it. Maybe hold this off until you know that this person is invested in you at least a little bit.


Not eating because it may make you look uncool

Starving yourself because attractive girls don’t eat is such a high-school thing to do. Eat if there’s food, even if you eat a little bit. Of course, this does not mean that you scarf down a burger with a vengeance.

Not offering to split the bill

Are you living in the 17th century? Don’t make your feminism selective. Offer to split the cheque.


Not grooming yourself, and/or dressing up inappropriately

Clean up, put on some perfume, and lip gloss. Do your hair. Most importantly, though, dress appropriately for the date. If you are meeting at a cafe, don’t walk in wearing a dress and high heels. If you’re going out to get drinks, don’t wear those yoga pants no matter how sexy they make your butt look!


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