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Men Reveal The Cutest Things Their Girlfriends And Wives Do

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I honestly can’t wrap my head around why so many people don’t want a relationship. They go around feeling bitter about commitment because they were once bitten 10 years so they will be 10 times shy. These people will have a mental list ready brimming with pointers on how relationships suck, why love hurts, why they can’t trust anyone again and why they don’t want a girlfriend or a boyfriend. They will go on to fear intimacy and resist healing as if the pain is charming. No honey, you’re not Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders. But I find love so endearing, irrespective of having met disappointments and I believe a healthy relationship will feel so peaceful.

A lot of people we meet in the dating pool are out there just to have some fun; many of them fail to adore you for who you are and always try to find reasons why you won’t work for them. But there are men who are adorable and they love their partners little quirks. Some women will be like, “Your partners are noticing your quirks?” Meanwhile, I am like, “You’ll have partners?”

I came across this post on the AskMen subreddit wherein men shared the cutest things their girlfriends/wives did. Oh boy, it made me want to go find me a man! If this doesn’t restore your faith in love, I don’t know what will.

A guy said how much he loves his girl’s concentration face. “When she’s concentrating, like working on a PC, she curls her top lip onto her gums and top teeth are exposed like she’s a bunny. I noticed it when I met her at work and it’d always make me laugh,” he wrote. Well, I have a concentration face too; now I just need someone to notice that!

Another guy said he loved his wife’s 6-point kissing system! “My wife has a 6-point kissing system where she kisses 6 points on my face: forehead, nose, lips, cheeks, chin. She is very affectionate she does this a lot when we cuddle and as sappy as it makes me sound I love it. I do the same thing for her too, I’d say “6-point kiss” and she’d close her eyes and put out her face. I love her to death,” he wrote. This is just too cute. I just can’t!

“She does this little nose wiggle when she’s going to ask me something she knows is ridiculous, but that I’ll do (think go to the store for watermelon at midnight),” a guy wrote.

Another guy said he loves how his lady needs him to sleep well. “Whenever i go to the kitchen or living room in the middle of the night she somehow wakes up and waddles towards me wrapped in a blanket. Asking me to come back and lay down with her because she cant sleep,” he wrote.

A guy said his girl randomly hugs him and says, “Mine!” “My wife does similar, but she will point at random (and not always random) body parts and say, “mine, mine, mine….) 14 years married (as of yesterday) and she still does this,” another guy added.

This guy adores the random hugs his girlfriend gives when she’s stressed at work. “We’ve been working from home together for a good few months now, I’m in the top floor bedroom and she’s in the kitchen downstairs. Whenever I go down and she’s having a particularly stressful day, she’ll look at me with a curled bottom lip like a toddler that’s just been told off, put her head down and just walk into my shoulder so I grab her for a cuddle. She’s so cute it actually hurts,” he wrote.

Another guy explained how his woman steals his hands. “When I’m with her sometimes she’ll “steal” my hands. Which just means she takes my hand and holds it or she hugs my arm, and when i move my hand away she’s like “nooo” and takes it back. Also in the middle of kissing sometimes she’ll blow into my mouth and she calls it cpr,” a man wrote.

This guy’s girlfriend likes to even out her cheek kisses, “Whenever she kisses one cheek, she always has to kiss the other to even it out. Same thing when I finish kissing one cheek – she always turns her face signalling me to kiss the other. It’s honestly so endearing and as small as it is, I find it genuinely brightens my day when I’m stressing.”

A man said how he loves his lady for noticing such details about it! “Noticing things about me that I didn’t know about myself. Like that anytime I want to get off the phone with someone and I’m too uncomfortable to express that and letting it go too long i clear my throat multiple times. Every time I take a bite from bite from a burrito or sandwich or something similar I always take two bites and touch my nose. She even noticed that I had Childhood dyslexia because I start most of my numbers and letters from the bottom instead of the top. My parents never told me that but confirmed it when she asked them. The attention to detail, which one of my biggest failings, has made me more neurotic about said exposures but made me realize that someone can know you in ways that you may not even know yourself and it’s very enduring and cute,” he wrote.

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“My wife isn’t the most extroverted person at all, but when we’re home together she’ll often make up songs about how much she loves me and sings them really loudly. She never runs out of tunes or enthusiasm for them – it’s the best,” a guy wrote. Women are so adorable!

“Whenever I tell her something we’re going to do something she enjoys, like going to her favorite store, she gets super excited and wiggles her butt in a dance like way. It’s fucking adorable and makes me smile every single time,” a guy wrote. These men are so cute!

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