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“Love Is Supposed To Hurt” And 6 Other Ridiculous Things We Must Unlearn

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You go to school, you learn trigonometry and Algebra, so we can find out the value of x and the angle of something. How does this equip us for real life? It doesn’t. In real life, we can’t find our ex. We aren’t even taught about real life. Things like, how to deal with nosey neighbours, or that uncle in the metro who just won’t stop staring. Or, bigger things that are a lasting part of our lives, like work-life balance, and love. In fact, we are dangerously ill-equipped to be exposed to real life without these things. What we learn, we pick up through the internet, movies and watching people around us which is obviously a questionable source. And then, we have to spend the early part of our adulthood unlearning these! Here are 7 things we learnt about love, that are plain ridiculous:


Love Is Supposed To Hurt

No. It. Is. Not. Love is supposed to make you feel good. It’s supposed to make your life, your self-esteem, your passion, the fun in your life, better! Of course, there are tough moments in every relationship, but your partner should make you laugh more than cry.

Unrequited Love Is Romantic

Unrequited love is unfortunate, and something you must strive to move past. Life’s too short to be stuck on someone who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. Despite what Bollywood will have you believe, singing romantic songs to people who aren’t interested in you doesn’t change their mind.


You Fall In Love Only Once

Oh, stop it already. You can fall in love many times, and often, when you fall in love after your heart has been broken, you become better at it!

If A Guy Is Mean To You, He Likes You

What is this theory, even? If a guy is mean to you, WALK AWAY! Even if he likes you, walk away! You don’t want a man child who doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings. You want someone who doesn’t have to play these juvenile games and can tell you respectfully that he has feelings for you.

If You Want A Man To Value You, Play Hard To Get

This is yet another one of those immature mind games that we are taught to play. If you want a man to value you, be yourself. Find someone who isn’t threatened by your honesty and capacity to take charge.


If You Have Sex Too Soon, You’ll Ruin The Relationship

Hi, 2019! Many relationships now start with casual sex, and end in happy marriages. Having sex, and when to have it, is your choice. The only right time to have sex is when you want to. Besides, if someone judges you for sleeping with them, they are not worth your while!


You Can Change Someone By Loving Them

You can’t change anybody! You can only be there for someone who is trying to change themselves. But, you cannot make someone do it, or do it for them! You can’t even convince someone that they need to change. They will do it only and only if they want to! And despite all your romantic notions, your love can’t change everything.


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