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“Santa Is Real” And 6 Other Lies Our Parents Told Us When We Were Little

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Now that Christmas is over and we are hurtling towards new year’s, this is probably a good time to break it to you. Santa isn’t real. Of course, you knew. But hey, you believed it for a long time, right? Parents, for all the love they give us, and all the compromises they make for us, are rather wicked creatures! They tell us all sorts of lies when we are growing up, to make us behave well. Of course, gullible as kids are, we believe them. Some of the lies are so convincing that it takes years of unlearning them, even as adults. That Santa is real is one such lie… or maybe it’s just me who still kind of believes he is real (JK, I’m a grown, wise woman).

Anyway, every Christmas, as adults, we sit and reminisce the time we thought Santa, indeed, existed. In the spirit of Christmas, here’s taking some time to list down other such lies our parents told us when we were little.


  1. That the Tooth Fairy comes and gives us money for broken teeth. First thought, she must be rich. Also, not only is this completely pointless given that milk teeth falling off doesn’t really hurt, and so kids don’t need that kind of consolation, isn’t it also unhygienic to keep a broken tooth under your pillow?


2. That if we make faces, we’ll get stuck like that! Way to kill a kid’s joy!


3. That if we swallow orange or lemon seeds, orange or lemon tree will grow inside us!


4. That if we don’t dress up in layers for the winter, winter monster will come and punish us.


5. That food is an aeroplane that’s landing, and that our mouth is the airport. Though, we’ve got to give it to our parents for their creativity!


6. That people become stars when they pass away. Though, to be honest, this one is still comforting even as adults.


7. That you’re perfect just the way you are! Umm, no.


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