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Ladies, Heads Up. Avoid Doing These Things Right After Sex

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Why does no one ever teach us these essential life skills, like the post-coitus dos and don’ts? Imagine if, in your ignorance, you end up having a heart-to-heart about your ex right after you finish having sex with someone! Wouldn’t that be awful? That’s why we’re here to ensure that you don’t end up making these 6 mistakes after doing the deed with someone.


Ignoring them completely because it was casual.

Even if it was casual, they still deserve basic respect and courtesy. Of course, you don’t have to declare undying love for them, that’s just awkward but you don’t have to take the whole ‘wham-bam-thank-you-sir’ thing too seriously!

Be awkward about them seeing you naked

Umm.. they just saw you naked. So, quickly covering yourself up, or getting out of the bed with that bedsheet wrapped around you just makes you look foolish! And makes everything a whole lot more weird than it needs to be.


Quickly start working, or talking about work

Your work might be hot to you, but it doesn’t make for great post-coital conversation, or activity. Hold it off for some time!

Not clean yourself up

We cannot underestimate the importance of cleaning yourself up properly after sex. It is important in order to avoid getting bacterial infections, and must not be ignored. Also, why compromise on hygiene? At any point?


Quickly rushing to the bathroom to wash up

Don’t look like you want to abandon ship in a hurry. It is important to clean up but don’t rush to the bathroom as soon as the deed is done. Give it a few minutes. Cuddle with your partner, exchange a few words about how the sex was, and the go clean up.

Talking about other people

No, we don’t mean just exes, although the ex is a big no-no. Even when it comes to talking about friends or family, or colleagues, give it some time, you know, till you both get out of this bubble of two.


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