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Ladies, Get Your Big Os! These 5 Sex Toys Will Hit All The Right Spots

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The thing with boyfriends is that you also have to put in work and it’s all a mutual loving sexual interaction. But when it’s just you and your sex toy, it’s all about you. While your boyfriend may not guarantee you orgasms, sex toys when used correctly, always do! We may still be in an era where you get vibrators delivered in discreet packaging because, well, your pleasure can’t be everyone’s business. But we millennials are a non-conformist lot, and we don’t care about the character certificate from the neighbourhood aunty. In fact, we offer advice to her to turn up the heat in the bedroom. We are unashamed of our sexuality and firmly taking pleasure back where it belongs, in our hands. Whether you’re with a partner or ridin’ solo, here are 5 sex toys that will give you explosive orgasms.


Clitoral vibrator

This is the most vital sex toy to own, since we know how important clitoral stimulation is. When it comes to orgasms, vaginal penetration alone some times won’t cut it. A clitoral vibrator can be used for masturbation, as well as during sex, when your partner is penetrating you. It is intensely pleasurable!

Vibrating penis ring

Wait, how does this serve women. Allow us to let you in on a secret. A penis ring helps in reducing the blood flow to the penis, which keeps it erect for longer. Which can only mean good things.  An erect vibrating penis can do wonders for your G-spot and that’s where the euphoric feeling slides in! As Beyonce says, If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it!

G-spot stimulator

If locating your G-spot has become a treasure hunt of sorts, you can take the guesswork out of it. Say hello to the G-spot vibrator. This one comes equipped with speed settings and makes no sound (for privacy). Try it with a lubricant to heat it up a notch. Since the vibrator is made of silicon, go for a water-based lube (silicon lube shouldn’t be used with sex toys).

Stimulating oil/cream

This is like caffeine for your lady parts! Massaging your clitoris with a stimulating oil will awaken its nerve endings and make you feel more sensation than ever! This means that achieving that big damn O will be easier and faster and that much more intense. Where do we sign up?

The rabbit

This is a dual vibrator that penetrates your vagina and massages your clit simultaneously. This makes it the best damn thing in the sex toy world! But wait, here’s the cherry on the cake! If you’re in a long distance relationship, you can take phone sex to a whole new level with this sex toy. Some models can be controlled via their app, which means your partner can give you orgasms from miles away. This is the best use of technology we can think of.


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