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Kirti Kulhari Says Marriage Positively Impacted Her Career. Ladies, Take Notes Because That’s How It’s Supposed To Be

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When Pink had released back in 2016, almost every Indian family made sure to watch it because it finally addressed the issue of victim-blaming in our culture. As a young girl, I too wanted my parents to understand that our society needs to collectively give up believing that a girl is asking for it if she is partying, drinking, or even flirting with a guy. Central to the film were three strong women, Kirti Kulhari, being one of them, fighting against not just the depraved men but all the notions of society as a whole. That film exhibited her resilience and brilliance as an actor and there has been no looking back from there.

Kirti Kulhari has given us several power-packed performances and it’s amazing how she portrays strong female characters with much ease. She exudes confidence and poise, and no, it’s not through her clothing. Her power dressing in Four More Shots Please may have added to her strong persona but she looks every bit of confident even in the simplest of clothes. Uri: The Surgical Strike, Indu Sarkar and Mission Mangal showed Kirti Kulhari’s caliber even further.

The lady isn’t just breaking stereotypes through her roles but also in real life. Whoever said actresses lose out on good roles after marriage needs to study her career graph, which is practically flipping those people off like a girl boss RN. She got married to Saahil Sehgal just three months before Pink released and she says her marriage has impacted her career in the best possible way. “My marriage has affected my career in the best possible way. I have a husband who knows much more than me about films. I have learnt so much from him. We watch a movie and discuss things. I grew so much as a person and as an actor and all the apprehensions I had before my marriage, were all broken by him. He has supported me in the most amazing way and helped me reach where I am today. Even my in-laws supported me blindly which means a lot to me,” Kulhari told Times Of India.

Kirti is in Bollywood at a wonderful period where we can see it transforming. Of course, there are several regressive movies that thrive on misogyny. Female actors do not have it easy but it’s evolving and hopefully, the trajectory of the progress will remain an upward one. “I did not set out to become that woman but I think my marriage kind of coincided with Bollywood going through that change in mindset in the society. It is like you can be 30 and above and still be acting. You can be married, have kids, and still be acting. The industry was going through the transformation and I just joined the bandwagon,” Kulhari expressed.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me that they barely know anything about Kulhari’s marriage. Yes, that’s because she says her husband and she both are really private people. Also, because she believes that before Pink, nobody was interested in knowing about her love life. “Even the media didn’t know for a while that I was married. And that’s primarily because I wasn’t big enough (star) for people to be interested in knowing whether I’m married or not. I got very well known post Pink and I got married 3-4 months before Pink released. And also, I’m somebody who would not reveal too much about my personal life,” Kirti had told ETimes in an earlier interview.” She further added, “Now that people are interested to know about me, I do share it whenever I can. I think my husband also is a very private person; he’s much more private than I am and so he doesn’t like me posting pictures. Some fans also keep asking me to post pictures with my husband but guys it’s very tough for me to keep this man next to me and click a selfie, so I’ll share what I can when I can.”

Their love story is a cute one rather as they met again after five years before the wheels of their romance even began moving. “I met this man at an ad shoot where we exchanged numbers, but nothing happened and five years passed by. Suddenly we met again at another shoot and Woah! He looked so good. It was a different vibe at that time and that’s when he asked me for my number again to which I told him: do use it this time. The next thing you know was that we were engaged,” Kirti told IANS. And hence, if you exchange numbers you must always call! You never know which love story is waiting to be bloomed into a lifelong romance.

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As for marriage, I have heard several of my friends say that they want to first build a career and then get married. I mean, yes you need to be financially strong to live independently and not with roommates while being broke towards the end of every month. However, with an understanding of finances, with an idea of what you and your potential husband will need to sustain comfortably, I don’t see how a woman’s career can get affected due to marriage. I am not saying it doesn’t happen. It does but can we make sure that we don’t marry guys who are going to treat our careers like a side gig? Misogyny is a package deal and it won’t stop at that. The only guys worth marrying are those who won’t hamper your progress. In fact, research says that your choice of partner affects the success of your career, so go for one who can motivate and inspire you while lending you support. Our gal, Kirti Kulhari definitely made the right choice!

Kirti Kulhari will be next seen in Ribhu Dasgupta’s The Girl On The Train playing a cop alongside Parineeti Chopra and Aditi Rao Hydari.

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